9 Amazing Ways To Use Nivea Creme in Blue Tin

When it comes to cold creams, Nivea is the most popular and during winters, every home has at least one Nivea blue tin stashed away. It’s that one cream that has been used over the decades by generations – from grandmothers to mothers, and now by us too. Nivea cold cream is very affordable and great to moisturize skin, especially during winters, but nowadays, there are many facial creams in the market and which is why a lot of women have stopped using Nivea and switched to other cold creams. But the use of Nivea cream is not restricted to face alone, it can be used in a variety of ways. In this post, we have listed down all the amazing ways in which you can benefit from Nivea Creme that comes in the blue tin. We list down 9 amazing Ways To Use Nivea Creme in Blue Tin.

1. Nivea is one of the best ways to heal cracked heels and to get soft feet. Apart from leaving it overnight on the cracks, you can also apply a thick layer on the foot and leave it on for 20 minutes and then wipe off using a wet cloth. Do this regularly for soft and smooth skin.

Nivea blue tin

2. Mostly during winters, we suffer from chapped lips and in some cases, lips can bleed too due to excessive dryness. The corners of the lips might get flaky too. You can use the Nivea cream as a lip balm or apply it on the corners of the lips for 10 to 15 minutes. Let it absorb and then wipe off with a wash cloth. Doing this for 3 to 4 days will heal cracks on the lips and will give you kissable lips again.

3. You can also Nivea cream to make lip tint or cheek tint. You can also mix it with your favorite cream blush if it has dried out. To make a creamy lipstick, scoop out a pea-sized amount and mix it with your matte lipstick. To make a cream blush, take a little amount and mix it with your favorite blush and apply it on the cheeks for smooth application. This will act as a two-in-one product that will make your supple and at the same time impart a nice color to your cheeks.

4. One of the most amazing ways to use Nivea cream for all frugal ladies out there is to use it as a makeup remover. It is very smooth and the consistency will help your makeup to melt and come off easily. If you do not wish to invest in makeup remover wipes or makeup remover, all you need to do is to take a bit of the cream on a cotton pad and run it all over your makeup in circular motions. Wipe it all off with a plain cotton ball or wash cloth and you will have squeaky clean face.

5. Nivea cream in the blue tin can also be used as a primer. It will smoothen out skin surface, blur out pores and also provide a good canvas so that rest of the makeup glides on smoothly without the foundation looking cakey. However, it might not suit women with oily skin type. It is not necessary to use the cream on the entire face because it may make your skin oily, rather use it only on the areas where your skin looks dry and patchy.

6. Nivea cream can replace your regular eye cream. Mix Nivea cream with a couple of other potent ingredients like vitamin E capsules or oil or with pure almond oil. Take a few drops of almond oil and mix it well in Nivea cream or squeeze in two capsules of vitamin E (Evion) and apply it under your eyes. With regular use, the skin around your eyes will become bright and smooth.

7. If shaving cream is not available when you decide to use the razor, mix Nivea cream with baby oil and apply it on areas where you want to shave and then go on with the razor. This method will prevent any nicks and cuts and also will leave the skin smooth and soft after shaving.

8. The area around the nails become very dry and painful with damaged cuticles. At this point, you need a good cuticle cream, but the frugal women out there who do not wish to invest in a separate cuticle cream, can put their Nivea creme to use here. Apply a bit of the Nivea cream around the cuticle area just before you hit the bed and there would be no dryness or peeling of skin the next day.

9. While nivea cream is mostly use don skin, did you know that you can use it on hair as well. Many women are flustered by baby hair jutting out on their crown area. To tackle this problem, apply a bit of the cream on baby hair and then comb and style your hair as usual.

Nivea cream is the most versatile creams and it can take care of a lot of skin issues. If you haven’t yet tried Nivea cream yet, it’s time to get your own blue tin now.

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