Hourglass Ambient Strobe Light Highlighting Powder Euphoric Review, Swatch

Skin Type : Normal / dry
Skin Tone : Medium fair / MAC NC 35
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Claims :
• Ambient® Strobe Lighting Powders are formulated in a sheer base with concentrated ultra-fine micro pearl particles in varying sizes and refraction levels to give off a naturally luminescent highlight to the skin without a heavy metallic finish.
• Developed with Photoluminescent Technology to capture, diffuse and soften surrounding light to refine the appearance of the skin.
• Can be used wet or dry for varying levels of intensity, taking you from day to night – from an everyday, wearable strobe highlight to a dramatic evening strobe highlight.
• Available in 4 universally flattering shades for all skin tones.
• Designed to be used with the Ambient® Strobe Light Sculptor for the most effortless application.

Ingredients HERE

Available in 4 shades:
IRIDESCENT STROBE LIGHT: An illuminating pink powder imparting a soft highlight.
• INCANDESCENT STROBE LIGHT: An opalescent pearl powder imparting a celestial highlight.
• EUPHORIC STROBE LIGHT: A pearlescent beige powder imparting a neutral highlight.
BRILLIANT STROBE LIGHT: A shimmering gold powder imparting a lustrous highlight.
Price : USD 38

My Experience with Hourglass Ambient Strobe Light Highlighting Powder Euphoric
You guys know how much I love my highlighters. I am completely obsessed with my The Balm Mary Lou manizer. And after you use that highlighter, your expectations from every other highlighter reach the pinnacle. I always wanted to pick a few products from Hourglass. So I did and I have been extremely impressed with the brand so far.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Light Highlighting Powder comes packed in this reflective silver packaging. I feel it is a very basic packaging they did for this one. I would have loved these in their original metallic bronze packaging. But nevertheless, it is a good effective one. The product comes in a pan form. There is a lovely mirror attached on the inside.

The color Euphoric is a stunning pearlescent beige powder with gold micro shimmers. It is beaaauuutiful especially if you have olive skintone like mine because it just gels so well with my skin tone that it looks like a natural glow. It’s like ‘my skin but better’ kind of color for me.
It is a very fine soft powder. It goes sheer on the skin and does not make a very strong highlight in the first application itself. But it is totally buildable and you could totally make your glow ‘pop’ with a few more strokes. I guess that’s beauty of this highlighter because it gives your room to experiment depending on your mood and preference. There are days when you just want a very natural glow on your skin and sometimes strong highlighters fail to do so. This just fits every bill.

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The shimmers are very tiny and not chunky at all. It does not accentuate my pores. But if you have large pores, I guess using a pore filling primer such as Benefit Porefessional is ideal to use not only for this highlighter but any highlighter in general. The staying power is quite impressive for these. I have been wearing these in this crazy heat and now humidity and they have held their ‘light’. 😀 for good 6-7 hours on me before really settling to a very soft glow.These powders can be used both dry and wet. I prefer using the dry because when I used them wet, the shimmers really started ‘showing’ up and I did not like that look. These do not have any fragrance and never broke me out.

Overall, I am sooo in love with this strobe powder. If you are someone who looks for a bang on pigmented highlight from your highlighting powder, this may not be for you. But if you like something that gives a natural glow and can also be built up to a strong highlight, definitley check this out.
The only drawback is these are not available in india yet. Check them out while travelling. 🙂
Rating : 4.8/5

hourglass strobing light powder euphoric light 1

hourglass strobing light powder euphoric light

hourglass strobing light powder review

Swatch : non blended and blended
strobing light

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5 thoughts on “Hourglass Ambient Strobe Light Highlighting Powder Euphoric Review, Swatch

  1. Wow Rati this is so good. You have totally got me addicted to highlighters too. Have started with drugstore brands and ready to move on to a high end ones. This one looks so natural on you. I really love it.

  2. This highlighter sounds really good. I had instantly liked it in your pictures and after your review, I am total game for this one. However I am not a regular user of highlighter, please can you suggest which one would be the second best out of the four. Thanks??

    1. it is not about which one is the best, these are different colors. this is ore beige toned. the brilliant one is more gold toned -https://makeupandbeauty.com/hourglass-ambient-strobe-lighting-powder-brilliant-strobe-light-review/

      and then there are the pink toned one. Depends on what color of highlighter you prefer, you could go with that. :)) These are quite sheer so they don’t have a very strong color of their ow and can be easily adapted on various skin tones. 🙂

      1. Thanks,

        Sorry for misphrasing my question, I meant colour wise only which would be the best to start with…. I will go for the ore beige toned probably. Regards

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