Ambika Pillai Eyeshadow Brush Review

Review of Ambika Pillai Eyeshadow Brush

Hello Everyone.

I am going to review the Ambika Pillai Eyeshadow brush today. I use this brush quite frequently – don’t know why I did not review it before.

I picked this up during the Women’s Day sale from the Select City Walk kiosk along with 2 lippies and another brush. Let’s see how the brush worked for me . 🙂

ambika pillai eyeshadow brush

Price: I have almost forgotten the price, but somewhere close to Rs. 300 I think and I got it for Rs. 200 on sale . 🙂

Description: The brush has a smart thin black wooden handle with Ambika Pillai written on the side. It does not have any name or number printed on it though like the Mac brushes.

ambika pillai eyeshadow brush

This is a medium sized eye shadow brush that is pretty densely packed for picking up the color and placing it on the lids. I like how it picks up powder eyeshadows really well. The application with this brush is also very good as it is just the right size for my lids and applies the color nicely and evenly.
The bristles are soft and do not scratch my eyes. I have washed it quite a few times and it has not shed a single hair. Another great thing is that, the bristles did not get flayed even after washing.

Ambika Pillai brush

Ambika Pillai brush review


  •  Just the right size for my lids
  •  The bristles are super soft and densely packed to pick up eyeshadows and apply them evenly. It is not itchy at all.
  •  Has not shed a single hair till date after washing
  •  The bristles stayed intact and did not get flayed
  •  Great price
  •  The overall shape and size of the brush is convenient and easy to use. It’s a complete no-fuss brush


  •  It is very difficult to find Ambika Pillai products in Delhi, I did not see the kiosk at Select City Walk last time I was there . 🙁
  •  The brushes don’t have any name or number printed on them, so its difficult to identify them if you have multiple brushes

Rating: 4.5/5

Deducted .5 due to non-availability and no brush number or name. Otherwise this is a fantastic eye shader brush for the price.

Definitely recommended if you can find it!

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9 thoughts on “Ambika Pillai Eyeshadow Brush Review

    1. Yeah Surbhi, its so difficult to find Ambika Pillai products, I really like their lipsticks, brushes and nail paints
      Thanks 🙂

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