Ambika Pillai Lipgloss: Slide On

Ambika Pillai Lipgloss

Hi all the lovely IMBB beauties!
Ambika Pillai Lipgloss
This is my first post on the blog and although I have been following it religiously and regularly (or fairly regularly ;P ) commenting on posts, I’ve never managed to post an article so far. So here goes my first one and I hope you guys like it 😀

I am going to review Ambika Pillai lipgloss today. The shade is called ‘Slide On’ and it’s the current love of my life. I am not a big fan of sticky lip glosses and this one scores on that front being very lightweight and sheer.


My experience with Ambika Pillai Lipgloss

The price:
I am a big fan of Ambika Pillai and her products and therefore, when I saw a Woman’s Day discount happening at the Ambika Pillai counter in Select City Walk I picked up quite a few things, this being one of them.
And ladies…I hope you go green at the fact that I picked up this baby at a 50% discount AT INR 420 😀
product look
The shade:
I am so in love with the pale pinky coral shade! It’s not very sheer but the texture is light and fairly non-sticky which I like. Some pics and swatches of the shade below:

This is how it looks on my lips:

I am wearing Maybelline’s My mahogany beneath the lipgloss.

As you can see it’s pretty sheer and the color is also pastelly (if there is any such word). Surely a shade that would evoke a ‘ Leh yeh toh bada dull sa color hain’ from the Delhi aunties ;P
Anyhoo, summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Ambika Pillai Lipgloss

1. Pretty pale pink/corally shade and I am a complete sucker for those
2. Suitable for people who like soft subtle nudes and like to go heavy on the eyes
3. Would suit all skin tones IMO – I am NC 35 – 40 (in other words fairly dusky) and it looks pretty decent on me.
4. Lightweight and not very sticky
5. No shimmer (at least that’s a plus for me since I don’t own a single lip product that has shimmer in it)
6. The ingredient list looks fairly harmless
7. I like the faint vanilla fragrance so that’s a definite win for me
8. Moisturizing and glides on the lips like a dream

Cons of Ambika Pillai Lipgloss

1. Since it’s lightweight and not sticky its lasting power leaves much to be desired, 2-3 hrs max without eating or drinking
2. In case you are into shimmery or bright vibrant lippies, this won’t be to your liking as it’s a very subtle shade
3. May wash out people with skintone darker than NC 40 IMO but I still think paired with heavy smoky eyes this would look great and classy 
4. Availability in India – I don’t know why they don’t sell online – as if non-availability of phoren brands wasn’t enough, these desi brands also don’t provide online shopping options 
5. Although I picked it up at a 50% discount (at INR 420) I don’t think INR 840 for this gloss is justified, as there are cheaper dupes available.

Anyway, to sum it up, I quite like this shade and I think I am going to repurchase it once I run out.

So here ends my review and I am going to review and swatch the other products I picked up from AP recently.

I hope you guys like the post and find it useful. Would love to hear your thoughts on my very first post on IMBB 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Ambika Pillai Lipgloss: Slide On

    1. Thanks! Haha, yeah that’s very typical of Delhi aunties…anything that’s not fuchsia or orange or red is dull 😀

    1. Oh no Raji, search no more, pick up this beauty and pair it with a peachy lippie like Revlon Colorburst’s Peach or the Loreal one…thanks for liking the review :toothygrin:

    1. Hey thanks Surabhi! Loads of stuff waiting to be reviewed only if I can find the time to write them 😐
      In between shopping and working to earn more money to shop more I hardly get the time to blog :scream:
      But now that I’ve crossed the block of writing the first post, I’ll try to post the reviews soon :toothygrin:

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