AmorePacific Treatment Toner Review

Skin type: Oily-sensitive, acne prone

Hello friends,
Hope all of you are doing fine; I am here to share another skin care product with you all and it is none other than AmorePacific treatment toner. I have been using this since a few weeks and find it quite a refreshing and hydrating toner but sadly it seems to accentuating my sensitive skin. Let’s read more about it!

AmorePacific Treatment Toner Review

Price: $50 for 3.4 Fl Oz, excludes shipping and taxes |BUY THIS PRODUCT HERE|

What it is:
A calming, balancing toner for smooth, refreshed skin.

What it is formulated to do:
AmorePacific Treatment Toner is a soothing formula that suits all skin types, including the most sensitive skin. Utilizing red ginseng extract in lieu of distilled water for additional revitalizing benefits, this botanical preparation step completes the cleansing process, balances pH, reduces redness and irritation, and primes skin to receive treatment.


My Experience with AmorePacific Treatment Toner:

The toner comes in semi-translucent, sturdy plastic bottle packaging with twist over cap and narrow opening, nothing fancy yet classy in its own way. It is definitely not for messy moms like me as my child knows how to twist over the lids and boom! There is no additional lid or dispenser to save this from my notorious girl. Overall, I find it pretty ordinary yet classy travel friendly packaging.

Anyway, it also smells like signature AmorePacific products which certainly feel luxurious and pleasant to our senses; at least I like the fragrance and it gives luxury feel to my skin care regimen. The toner resembles plain water; I see it looks faint pink in bottle sometimes though it comes up colorless on cotton pads. And it more or less works like ordinary toner for my skin type; in fact I would rely on rose water for the fact that it never accentuates my sensitive skin type. Oh yes, I am yet to figure out that whether the toner doesn’t go well with retinol, AHA regimen or it does have problematic ingredients which can easily accentuate sensitive, acne prone skin.

I alternate my night skin care routine with AHA lotion and Retinol creams while I have been using this toner for morning and not evening since I cannot take risk of clubbing any chemical toner with these retinols and hydroxyl acids. And after every 3-4 days of usage I see uneven skin texture of my skin with number of minute break outs especially on my cheek; this reminds me of Fresh rose gel cream which gave me same results. Surprisingly as soon as I skip this toner, the uneven bumpiness of my skin texture automatically smoothes and fades away in 1-2 days which naturally points my suspicion towards this toner. This is not the first time I am introducing anything new to my retinol, AHA treated skin; AmorePacific cleansing oil works really well and I always use it prior to applying night moisturizer.

Leaving aside the side effects, I see decent results on my oily skin, not to forget it gives almost similar results like any astringent by refining skin texture and making pores appear smaller up to some extent. I need generous drops to sweep over face post cleansing and it gives nice silky feel to skin at first which does not seem or feel bothering initially. Even I see that post using this toner, my skin feels bit hydrated and I need fairly lesser amount of moisturizer for my skin.

However, it did affect activity of sebum glands further as I can notice really oily cheeks and T zone within 3-4 hours which is strange. But I am not complaining as it is meant to provide a dewy youthful finish on skin which is sadly unsuitable for my skin type. Thankfully, it does not seem irritating or stinging on my skin and other than developing teeny zits on face, I have never faced any other issue with this toner. But then for beauties longing for clean and clear skin, even a single zit can cause nightmares; hence, I would suggest going for sample test before using this toner. Considering its rich hydrating property, I am thinking to continue with it in winters when my dry skin demands hydration. In summers, I avoid experimenting and stick to ground products. Moreover, I didn’t notice any reduction in redness of my cheeks as per claims; in fact I felt slight prominent redness around cheeks due to development of fresh teeny zits. 😛

Pros of AmorePacific Treatment Toner:

• A rich and intense hydrating toner infused with goodness of various botanical extracts.
• It does not cause any immediate burning or irritation on my skin.
• It does not emphasize my open pores.
• I do see slightly refined skin texture.
• It does not cause dryness on skin.
• It provides nice hydrated sheen on face post application.
• It does not leave any sticky or oily residue on my face.
• A little product goes long way.
• Quite simple yet classy and travel friendly packaging.

Cons of AmorePacific Treatment Toner:

• It has a tendency to give zits on skin with regular usage.
• It causes oily cheeks and T zone within few hours of application on oily skin.
• I did not notice any change in redness of my cheeks.
• Any genuine toner performs equally or much better than this toner.
• It has a tendency to bother sensitive skin.
• It does seem pricey for a toner with average benefits.


Would I Recommend AmorePacific Treatment Toner?
Well honestly I don’t think even dry skin beauties are missing on something if they skip this toner. You can easily give this a pass. I might consider it again in winters provided I see some fruitful results on my skin other than those teeny zits.

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