Amway Artistry Hydrating Lotion Review

Amway Artistry Hydrating Lotion

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Today I am writing about the Step: 3 of my CTM routine which is the Amway Artistry essentials hydrating lotion with SPF 15 PA+++. I had already written the posts on the Cleanser and Toner and I thought of finishing up with the reviews of the complete CTM so that if someone here is planning to buy this wonderful kit can do so without much delay and then see the wonderful results yourself. :haanji:

artistry hydrating lotion

Product Description: Ultra-quenching lotion containing patent pending aura of protection plus broad spectrum SPF-15 offers unparalleled protection and continuous hydration.

Price: 1299/- for 75 ml.

To Use: Smooth liberally over face and throat 15-30 minutes before sun exposure and as needed.

Ingredients: Again a long list so attaching a snapshot of the same.
As one can see that the list contains some chemicals too, along with the usual plant and seed extracts, those are present for adding the sun protection property in the lotion.


My Take on the Amway Artistry Hydrating Lotion:

It is a white colored semi liquid lotion in consistency that provides instant hydration to the dry skin. As we all know that moisturizing is the 3rd and an important step in the skin care regime as Pollution in the environment, hard sun rays and stress all cause the skin to dry up and lose its natural oils. Moisturizing right after cleansing and toning ensures that adequate levels of moisture is trapped between skin layers and helps the skin looking supple and smooth. And the Artistry lotion does all this.
It comes in the same light lilac Artistry plastic packaging with the orange colored mark on the tube specifying the dry skin type lotion. An easy to use flip flop cap and a small nozzle to take out the lotion ensures adequate usage and make the tube travel friendly.
Now if we want to judge the quantity supplied then it’s just 75ml against the 200ml of both cleanser and toner in the same range. But actually a very small, pea sized drop of this lotion is enough to cover my face and neck region. And even after using it for 2 months, I am sure I had hardly used up 10% of this lotion till now. There is no way to check as the packaging is not a see through kind of one but still I am very much sure that this tube is going to stay for a very long time more with me. :whistle:


Texture wise, I find this lotion a bit glossy when applied but within a few minutes it is absorbed by the skin leaving a mild glow effect behind. But d not apply a lot of the product otherwise it may feel sticky in nature. Fragrance is again a mild yet beautiful one lingers on even after an hour of applying the lotion. Actually the complete artistry CTM has the same fragrance so skin smells really great after using the complete CTM.

Again no breakouts or any side effects seen after using it. In fact I am enjoying the nice smooth supple nature of my skin and hardly using any makeup on regular days. 😉

The lotion provides with sun protection from UVB rays through its SPF 15 and also by the harmful UVA rays by having a PA+++ factor.


Texture is a little runny and this is a drop of the lotion above that covers the face region
The only drawback I find is that the lotion is a little runny in consistency so if one is not cautious then they can take out more than required product and applying the same may give a greasy effect.

Pros of Amway Artistry Hydrating Lotion:
• A truly hydrating lotion that provides instant moisturization to the dry skin.
• Contains SPF 15 and PA+++.
• A little goes a long way. This 75 ml of tube will last for 8-9 months easily.
• Hydrating effect lasts easily for 10-12 hours.
• Mild yet lingering fragrance.
• Non- comedogenic.
• Dermatologist tested.
• Amway brand does not test on animals.

Cons of Amway Artistry Hydrating Lotion:
• Price can pinch a little. But the complete Artistry CTM is highly priced.
• More products used can make the face look greasy.
• Availability only through an Amway representative.

Ratings: 4.5 / 5

Repurchase/Recommend: Yes. My only purpose of writing about the complete CTM units separately was to describe their advantages thoroughly so that one can decide clearly on this great product from Amway Artistry and enjoy the bliss gained later. Thanks.

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19 thoughts on “Amway Artistry Hydrating Lotion Review

    1. they have a lotion for oily skin parita.. u need to chk tht out… this is meant for dry skin.. oily skin ke liye there is a complete different CTM..but tht too has spf & PA+++ but it wud not be tht much hydrating as this one is (apt for dry skin) :haanji: :haanji: :haanji: :haanji:

    1. yess ankita… the other range is also as beautiful as the dry skin range is :thumbsup: :thumbsup: …only diff being tht is more Balancing & this 1 is hydrating.. :yes: :yes:

    1. u mean i am this now :phoolan: :phoolan: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: but actuallly i am the biggest fan of their CTM n facials products.. :woot: :woot: O:) O:) O:) O:)

  1. i went to a dermat last year. She advised me to use Amway products but i didnt pay much attention. Back in my colony also one aunty swears by the products esp the pure white range. I used to buy multivits and protein powders from her, and she always used to ask me to get those. Again i never did and she got transferred.
    Patanai..the price always keeps me on backfoot..not cuz i dun wana pay but more cuz what if i pay n you know what 😐 ?:)

    1. u shud try these out shaili n ur derma also adviced to use them… they r fab products but yess .. less sales campaigning didnt get them into the limelite stilll… now its upto u to use them.. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

      1. do leme know if anyone among your knowns have tried that range..
        i ll check out with that dermat again once the monsoon gets over 🙂

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