Amway Attitude Lipstick Tester Pack Photos, Swatches

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Amway’s Attitude Lipstick Tester Pack photoes & swatches

Hi IMBB Ladies…
As everyone over here liked my first review, so I’m back with my next one. My father is an Amway Consultant for about 5 years. Hence, after such a long time I decided to give Amway’s Attitude lipsticks a try, but was not sure about the colors, therefore my dearest papa bought me this small tester pack with all the 6 colors in a small version. All the colors are super creamy.

Amway Attitude Lipstick tester Pack

The company says– Smooth glossy lips kissed with the luxurious conditioning of Vitamin E. Blended with Olive Oil for a creamy coat of lush color.

Price– INR 109 for the Tester Pack (0.6 gms each).
INR 189 for each Lipstick (big size

Rustic Spice= Brown + Red

It’s a Rusty brownish shade with a touch of red.

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Smoky Brown= It’s a coffee brown shade with golden shimmer.

Pink Frost= Brown + Pink

It’s the same Lakme’s Enrich Satin Lipcolor in 129 (from the Gypsy collection). Perfect for ladies with dusky to wheatish complexion.

Mystic Wine= It’s a nude wine reddish color.

Silky Mauve= It’s my favourite color. An onion purple color with a silky shine.

Fiery Red= It’s a cherry red color.

Swatches :

Pros of Amway Attitude Lipstick

• All the color variants are available from the brown to red to pink to mauve. Great na!!
• The texture of the lipsticks is great and it gives a glossy look to your lips.
• It doesn’t dry lips rather makes it more supple.
• The staying power is quite nice. The darker shades leaves on a stain-kinda thing after 4-5 hours, whereas, the lighter ones vanishes after 4-5 hours without eating.
• Amway has named their Lipsticks. It gets difficult in remembering numbers.
• Price is reasonable.

Cons of Amway Lipstick

• The packaging of should improve with all the new fabulous colors they are launching.

My Verdict- Nice Lipsticks. All shades can be bought from the collection. Maybe we might get to see some nice shades from their upcoming Collection in 2011.

Quality- 4/5
Price- 4/5
Packaging- 2/5
Availability- 5/5

Hope you all liked my review. Waiting for your comments.

With lots of love

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26 thoughts on “Amway Attitude Lipstick Tester Pack Photos, Swatches

  1. such pretty shades…..I also like samples. As u can try many colors without the fear of not suiting on you later…or throwing off without using it. :))
    great review!! :yes: :yes:

  2. Hey, even I got this tester pack about 2 months back and have tried all the colours. Finally landed up on silky mauve and mystic wine. Very handy pack. Ideal for people like me who use lipsticks occasionally. Otherwise I use lipbalms only for everyday use.

  3. I like rustic spice and pink frost :). Damn am so predictable! Nice review and you’re right, they do look like bullets.

  4. This is excellent Anu :)) I generally assume that testers and reasonable products esp lipsticks are not good in quality (experience with Oriflame pocket sized lipsticks) but 4-5 hours of staying power is awesome! Thanks fr reviewing. How can I get my hands on these?

  5. hey anu, today i was thinking of reviwing my Amway Lipstics and wat a coincidence, the review is right here, even i luv all amway products, my mom buys a lot of them . In lipstics i have Mystic Wine and Shiny copper which is not in your collection, I guess they have discontinued manufacturing it though am not sure , i just luv that shade, pls ask ur Pa if he can get that for me, i am willing to pay the postal charges.

  6. These lipsticks look soo cuute cuute!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: and good morning everyone..I can’t believe I missed whole day here yesterday!!! :sidefrown: :sidefrown: :sidefrown: :sidefrown: :sidefrown: :sidefrown: :sidefrown: :sidefrown:

  7. This tester pack is back @ 119. :clap: :happydance:
    To all the lovely ladies here at IMBB – attitude has introduced more lipsticks @259. :happydance:

    I missed the tester last time. This time going to buy two for gifting and one for me :woot:

  8. Thanq Anu..Thanx a lot for the review. I ‘m just thinking & waiting past long time to buy the amway products.. ( I rarely use any beauty products) now I think , can confidently add to my list.

  9. I simply love Amway products..havent used too many of them but da ones which I have used so far have impressed me wid deir quality…. :specs:

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