Amway Attitude Nail Enamel Lavender Rain Review, NOTD

Amway Attitude Nail Enamel Lavender Rain

Good Morning Ladies,
Amway Attitude Nail Enamel
Hope you all doing well. Last month Amway had a buy one get one free offer for Amway Attitude Nail enamel and Lipsticks. The catch here is, you’ll get the same shade you picked as a free one too. That was not so good. Who will need two bottle of same shade nail polish :-/ .
Price : INR129 for 8 ml

What Amway Says about Attitude Nail Enamel

Discover gorgeous long wearing nail color with Attitude Nail Enamel, a quick drying and long wearing formula. Specially formulated for more Water resistant, larger coverage with long wear, less chipping and less Yellowing.
Attitude nail enamel has super shiny polish finish with Special Sea Weed extract to nourish nails
Amway Attitude Nail Enamel is available in 4 shades :
Wine Berry
Peach Spark
Lavender Rain
Ginger Fizz
Attitude Nail Enamel lavender

My Take on Amway Attitude Nail Enamel

When I saw this offer on first place, I did not know that I’ll be getting the same shade I pick as free one. So I thought I’ll buy 2 shade and get other 2 as free and that way can get all 4 shades :woot: When I tried to order, I found out the catch. What a disappointment it was :reallypissed:

Same with the lipstick too. So I just narrowed down to one shade of nail polish and one shade of lipstick. Thought I would gift the free one to my sister later. I picked “Lavender Rain” from the lot as I’m not a big fan of red shades and I already have a brown shade. The packaging was very old fashioned and not so appealing.
I would say it’s a pinkish mauve shade with a medium glossy finish. In layman words it is the “onion skin” color. This would belong to the safe shade family and thus would make a good shade for office.

The application went pretty smooth without streaking. I applied 2 coats of it . It dried within a minute for the first coat and took a lil longer for the second coat. But don’t touch the nails until it is completely dry , else you’ll end up having finger impression on your nail.

This shade did not make my hands look darker or fairer. I have a feel that fun shades make ma hands look young. As there’s nothing fun about this shade, I don’t think this makes my hands look young. I know it is such a weird feeling 😛

Staying Power

I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the staying power. Its been a week I applied it, but still it stays on well on my nails with minimal fading at the tip which is not very noticible (Due to the head massage I did).

Why I like Amway Attitude Nail Enamel

1. Staying power. I’m impressed :haanji:
2. Makes a decent shade for office. People wont be staring at my hands 😀
3. Quite easy to apply and a good quality brush.
4. Got 2 bottle of the same shade for the price of 1. Yay.. But the happiness did not last long. Wondering why ? Would tell you at the end.

Why I don’t like Amway Attitude Nail Enamel

1. I feel the shade selection is very less and boring too. Amway should really come up with more shades and different finishes.
2. Available only through Amway IBO’s. But you can find someone easily. If not you can contact me 😉 Other than that I don’t see any con with this nail paint.

Would I Buy Again?
Not until they come up with some new shades.

Rating: 3.5/5 (-1 for boring shade selection and -.5 for availability)

Now the sad part
I was looking for something in my shelf and suddenly heard a “cling” on the floor. I had kept this nail polish on the shelf and didn’t notice that. It had fallen down and shattered into pieces 😥 😥 😥
broken bottle
No you know why I said its good that I got one more bottle of same shade :secret2:

See you all in next post. Until then take care of your fragile nail polish bottle gals.



27 thoughts on “Amway Attitude Nail Enamel Lavender Rain Review, NOTD

  1. the color is awsom…. 😉 but the last part was really sad 🙁 esp wen i am a tru lover of nailpolish…i know how u must be feeling :(( nice review Karpagam :waytogo:

  2. its a beautiful lilac/purple shade… gr8 buy :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .. yess, silly offer but thank god u had 2 after u broke 1 bottle of urs.. :whistle:

  3. awww kaps.. sorry to see the bottle in suhc a state. 🙁 bt sucha pretty sahde. You cna enjoy using the other one you have :jalwa:

    1. Yeah Rati. This is called fate. I have never broken a nail polish till date. When I broke one, I had a back up . hehehe :stars: :stars:

  4. hi all ……….
    infact i also ordered nail enamels …and i got 2 shades of Peach Spark and 2 shades of
    Lavender Rain…… after that i gave 2 bottles to my friend…….. Peach Spark and Lavender Rain each at the rate of 1 nail enamel ….now we both r having 2 different shades … :woot:

  5. This shade must be named ‘mera wala purple’. Its purfect! 🙂

    Cho chorry it fell off. Keep all your nail paints in a big plastic box with sponge lining. They’ll be safe and cozy there. :))

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