Amway Attitude Wine Berry Nail Enamel Review and NOTD

Amway Attitude Wine Berry Nail Enamel Review and NOTD

Hi Beautiful ladies,

Today I am going to review Attitude nail enamel from Amway. My mother has been using a lot of Amway calcium tablets and that is how I got to know of this brand. Few days back I read a review on its eye pencils and ordered black and blue , though black is nice but the cobalt one turned out to be big disappointment, anyways that is another story.

Coming back to the nail enamel, I was attracted to it because this month there is an offer going on on the lipsticks and the nail paints and that is you get one free when you purchase one, the only catch is that the free variant is the same colour which you order so you end up having two pieces of the same shade, I dint mind it as I have an elder sister and i keep sending stuff to her as she doesn’t buy make up herself but gladly uses what all I send her. So I ordered all the four shades.


Shades Available are:
1. Wine Berry
2. Peach Spark
3. Lavender Rain
4. Ginger Fizz

Only wine berry was in stock, so i got that, I am still eagerly waiting for the other three to come as I am really happy with the shade I have got.

What the company says about the Nail enamel :

rati beauty ad

Beautify your nails with the lovely and bright nail enamels from Attitude’s All New Nail enamel range. It gives larger coverage with long wear and allows less chipping and yellowing to your nails. This water resistant nail enamel range with special sea weed extract nourishes your nails and provides super shiny polish finish.
Price/ Quantity
Rs 129 for 8ml (This month you can get two pieces at the same cost)

These nail paints come in a very classy black outer carton with golden embossment, there is a drop shaped area cut out from where you can recognize the colour.


The first picture shows the front cover and the second one shows the back.
Shelf Life
2 years from the date of packaging.

Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Toulene Sulphonamide- Formaldehyde Resin, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Isopropyl Alchohol, Steralkonium Bentonite, N- Butyl Alchohol, Styrene/ Acrylates Copolymer, Seaweed Extract, Benzophenone-1 :stars: :stars:

My take on the nail paint:
It comes in a nice sleek long bottle which is easy to hold. It has an equally long black cap to which the brush is attached, since the quantity is more(8ml) than what we usually get ( 3ml or 5ml) the brush inside is also elongated, the bristles are nice and it give a smooth finish. The cap is tight so there would be no leakage and hence it can be easily carried in the purse. The colour is crimson red and has a very sheer golden sheen to it, two coats have to be applied for the colour to show off nicely on the nails. It dries very fast within a few minutes of application. It does not chip and two coats last easily for 4-5 days though the shine goes away after 1 or 2 days time. I am totally drooling over red colour. Though it has always been my favourite colour but i was more off a pink and brown person when it came to nail paints but after seeing this shade i think i want more of reds in my vanity now.


Pros of Amway Attitude Wine Berry Nail Enamel:
1. Very nice pigmented crimson red colour.
2. Quantity is good.
3. This month at the price ( 2 for 129) , i think the offer is a steal.
4. Elongated brush hence easier application.
5. Complete list of ingredients is mentioned which is hardly there on other nail paints, atleast we know what are we putting on the nails.
Cons of Amway Attitude Wine Berry Nail Enamel:
1. Doesn’t last for more than 5 days( starts to chip)
2. 2-3 coats have to applied for the actual colour to show on the nails.
3. Finding an amway agent might be difficult if you don’t know anyone.
Will i repurchase?
Oh yes, I am planning to stock up a few of them during the offer time
IMBB rating
4 out 5 because of the pros and cons listed above.

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35 thoughts on “Amway Attitude Wine Berry Nail Enamel Review and NOTD

  1. lovely color & u have such beautiful hands & nails….Red suits u……..

    Chipping after 5 days is quite good I think. My nail color usually starts chipping from the 3rd day itself.

  2. you have such beautiful hands shivani. really loved the colour on your nails. I mostly go for zintaak tomato kind reds.. :hihi: My hands do look a little darker with those kind of shades but i still like, 😀

    and chipping after 5 days should be a pro not con. :tongue:

    1. Thankooo rati :yahoo: :yahoo: arey my other nails paints start to chip much later than this thats y put it as a con :woot: :woot: :woot: but ya u r rite it shud be a pro considering the normal ones chip in 2-3 days. Try this one, it will brighten up ur hands :waytogo:

  3. Shivani..your hand and nails are gorgeoussssssss..I couldn’t stop admiring such prettttttty hands!!! :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure:

    1. Gini me a gold freak….have lots of other designs also, will show sometime in other posts and thanku :))

  4. love your hand with this pretty shadd :teddy: ………..can see your lovely gold ring :spank: :spank: …….. 😉

    1. hehe…..firssshhhtttt time i got spanking, me happy 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 and :thanks: sim

  5. the last pictureof your handddd and nailss :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:
    i want bigi nails .me used to chew up.they neevr grew back :silly:

    1. Raunak even i used to chew my nails :secret2: :secret2: but left the bad habit with determination and now i love my long nails :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

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