An Anti-Ageing Routine for Your Lips

Just like we follow a skin care routine for our face, like cleansing, toning and moisturizing, it is extremely important to follow a routine to take care of your lips and to prevent them from aging. Lips are an important feature of our face and to keep our pout youthful, it is important to take care of our lips. Here are a few tips and a routine that will help you keep your lips soft, healthy and youthful.
An Anti-Ageing Routine for Your Lips

1. Sunscreen for your lips

lip balm with spf
First and foremost, just as we apply a sunscreen on our skin to protect ourselves from sun damage, applying a lip balm which contains SPF is also very important to protect our lips from sun damage. As our skin is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, our lips tend to become dry and damaged. Therefore, one must always apply lip balms and lipsticks with SPF before heading out for utmost protection.

2. Lip scrub

lip scrub
One must scrub their lips at least once a week. Just as we scrub our face to remove the dead skin layer, we must also scrub our lips to remove the chapped layer and to exfoliate them. There are many lip scrubs available in the market but if you do not want to splurge on a lip scrub, you can make one at home too with a few ingredients.

3. Moisturize

lip treatment
Moisturizing your lips is extremely important. Just like we moisturize our skin to keep it hydrated and to preserve the moisture, moisturizing your lips is also very important. One can use olive oil to moisturize their lips apart from store-bought lip balms. Make sure you follow this everyday as this will help your lips become softer and they will always look younger.

4. Drink water regularly

Water keeps you hydrated all day long and it also helps hydrate your skin as well as your lips. Therefore to achieve healthy and younger looking lips, it is important to drink adequate amount of water daily.

A few more tips:

light lipstick
Stop biting your lips: Biting your lips can cause dark spots on your lips. Therefore it is important to avoid biting your lips.
Quit smoking: Smoking as well causes lips to become dark and look dull. Therefore, I would suggest women who smoke to quit smoking as soon as possible if they desire pink, soft and supple lips.
Avoid dark lipstick shades: Dark lipstick shades make the fine lines on your lips more visible. Therefore I would suggest women to opt for neutral and lighter shades more. Also, exfoliate after using such shades to get rid of the pigment.

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