Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush Review

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Hey guys!

I am so excited to talk about this makeup brush from my favorite brand – Anastasia Beverly Hills! Yes, I love ABH immensely! So far, all of the ABH products that I have used have been fabulous! Be it the Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette, Glow Kit, Contour or their Brow Pomade! I love them all. Recently, I picked up this dual-ended firm detail brush #14 from its brush collection for the eyebrows. Here’s the detailed review:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush packaging

Product Description:
Type: Synthetic. A dual-sided and angled, flat brush with ultra-soft bristles that’s designed for use with the Dipbrow Pomade.. 
Apply and seamlessly blend in brow color with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #14. With soft bristles and a slim handle that makes it easy to hold, this angled flat brush is perfect for getting artistic application and natural-looking brow color when used with the Dipbrow Pomade.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 brush label

My Experience with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush:

Being a makeup artist, I own a lot of makeup brushes and also always lookout for more. I am literally obsessed with buying new and interesting makeup tools. Makeup tools are imperative in achieving flawless makeup looks. This one is my first makeup tool from ABH. ABH products are easily available at all Sephora stores. Their dip pomade and eyebrow brushes have changed the eyebrow grooming/makeup game all together!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush Review

I already have a few eyebrow grooming brushes; however, I wanted something to help me draw out thin and precise lines, depicting faux eyebrow hair and that’s why I picked up Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush # 14.

The brush is a full-length brush with applicators at both its ends. On one end, there’s an angled flat brush and on the other end, there’s a spoolie brush. It has synthetic bristles. The angled flat brush has duo-coloured shaded brown bristles which appear to be densely packed. The spoolie has black-coloured bristles which are packed appropriately in a spiral shape.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 detail brush

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush full

The bristles seem to be neither too soft nor too rough. The brush has a regular black handle which is wooden. The handle is thin, which gives a good grip and makes it easier to use the brush. The brush feels sturdy. It has its code “14” embossed in white on the black handle, along with the signature logo print of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Number coding the brushes makes it very easy to identify them.

This concept of a dual-ended brush is a brilliant idea which makes eyebrow grooming very convenient and easy. The angular shape of the brush is ideal to work around the brows – be it for drawing or mimicking hair or to draw the perimeter of the brows to give it a shape or to fill the brows to show volume and growth.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush bristles

The width of the angular brush is narrow and this helps with precise application. The only thing is that I got this brush specifically to draw faux hair and a bit more firm bristles would have worked better for that purpose. These bristles are not too soft and not too firm. Nevertheless, it does help in drawing lines. I use it softly with precision.

See the pic below with my trial and error artistry lines 😉

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush

The bristles on both the ends of the brush do not feel little prickly at all. The spoolie brush helps in distributing the product evenly and also to comb through the brows to achieve better shape. It is best to use a brow gel or brow mascara after filling the brows in, so as to keep the brow shape intact.

I have used this brush multiple times and have washed it as well and have noticed that the bristles have retained their shape and texture. There was no shedding of bristles during washes. The cleaning process of this brush is very easy and thorough due to its size and the density of the bristles.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 spoolie

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush

What is worth mentioning is that my brush did not pick up any stain from the ebony/brown shades that I have used along with it. On thorough cleaning of the brush, the tint gets washed off and the bristles go back to its original shade.

With ABH, I expect a certain standard and quality of its products and this brush is no exception. Overall, I am happy with the quality and efficiency of this brush. I could compare the quality of this to brush to my other brushes from MAC.

Overall, I think this is a good eyebrow brush to have. So basically, ABH has multiple brushes for grooming eyebrows alone, numbers coded as 7, 12, 14, 15, 20, etc. It’s best to try these out and buy the one which fits your requirement. I would say that if you want just one brush for grooming eyebrows, No.14 would be an all-rounder.

Pros of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush:

  • Two-in-one brush.
  • Number coded.
  • Duo brush that’s good for grooming eyebrows.
  • Easy to use.
  • Thin edge of the brush helps in making faux brow hair lines.
  • Helps to fill brow hair precisely.
  • Bristles are not prickly.
  • Bristles retain shape after wash.
  • No shedding of the brush.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush:

  • Brush is not too firm, if that what you are looking for.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 14 Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush?
No, this one will last me a good number of years ☺

Until next time guys, hope you enjoy reading!

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