Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12 Review

In this post, I am going to review Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12 Review

An angled flat brush that grabs and deposits product smoothly and evenly. Use Anastasia Duo Brush #12 to apply product to brows, and its custom spooley end to blend for a flawless finish. Densely packed synthetic bristles create natural, hair-like strokes. Ideal for use on-the-go.

USD 18/INR 1200 approximately.

My Experience with Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12:

It’s funny that in all these years, this is actually my first official brow brush. I do have an explanation to this though. 😛 I use brow pencils most of the time, so I end up using the spoolie attached at the end of every brow pencil. So you know, I never felt the need for a special brow brush. 😀 But I picked this one a few months back and this has been my constant makeup partner for all things brow. 🙂

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12 full

It is a dual-end brush – one end holds a fabulous spoolie. It is exactly the same spoolie that you get when you buy an Anastasia brow pencil and the other end holds a super thin and flat synthetic bristle brush. If you use brow powders or brow creams, this is your dream brush.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12 handle

It is so thin that you can literally draw every single brow hair with it. And if you have fine brow or very sparse brow, this brush is definitely your best friend. You can use the brush flat to get those slanted lines or just the very tip to draw super fine hair-like lines. I have added quite a few pictures to give you an idea on how fine this brush is.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12 spoolie

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush angle

I have washed this brush so many times and it is as fabulous as initially when I bought it a few months back. If you are an “Anastasia brow Pomade” user, this definitely should be in your kit.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush full

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush

I store it spoolie down when I have my brush in the jar. It is a weightless brush, so very easy to work it and gives great control. Honestly, a dream brow brush and if I have to repurchase any brow brush out there, this is the one I would be picking up! 🙂

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