Anatomicals Botanicals Hydrating Rose Cloth Review

Skin type: Combination and acne prone

Hello peeps,
I recently purchased a few cute little face masks and packs from Anatomicals because I don’t know why but I really get bored to do the entire CTM routine and stuff! So I keep such masks handy to pamper and take care of my skin. Sheet masks have been so intriguing with the entire Korean skin-care thing and who doesn’t wish to have skin like those Korean girls? So let’s see how this fresh rose sheet mask worked for me.
Anatomicals Botanicals Hydrating Rose Cloth Review

Product Description:
• Come into the Garden, Maud. it’s mother nature’s beauty parlour. let our hydrating mask with balancing rose flower extract leave your skin flawless and radiant, with not a hint of dryness, flakiness, green fly or mildew. close up, we’ll turn you into a pruning (shouldn’t that be preening?) picture of perfection.
• Pose. Pose. Pose. For the close-up pose, nothing beats rose – Which is a botanical hydrating rose face mask
• This botanical hydrating rose cloth is an individually packaged soft cloth facial mask and contains rose extract to deliver unsurpassed moisture and nourishment to your skin. Botanical hydrating rose cloth.

3.50 Euros for 1 sheet mask


Directions for use:
• Open pouch, take out per-nourishment mask and unfold.
• Press lightly with fingertips to set the mask in place over your cleansed face.
• Relax for 20 minutes and remove mask.
• Gently massage remaining fluid into the skin.
• Discard mask after use.

My Experience with Anatomicals Botanicals Hydrating Rose Cloth:

Packaging: All the face packs and masks from Anatomicals look extremely cute and quirky! This one, in particular, comes in a bright magenta pink sachet with a very funky description of the mask written over it. It nicely mentions all the details about the mask behind the pack. These sachets are very easy to carry around. The mask is a huge cloth which is wrapped very nicely inside the sachet. The cloth is soft and gentle on the skin, and for the first time, it perfectly fits my face.


Scent and feel on the skin: I keep the sheet masks on for 30 minutes usually and I did the same with this one. It actually did relax me to the core because I was watching TV with this on, but I instantly switched the TV off and closed my eyes. It imparts a very soothing and cooling sensation to my skin which calms down my senses. The scent is very relaxing since it contains the rose essential oil; the scent totally takes you to a different world where there is no stress at all.


I just loved the scent because it was very natural and the aroma did not smell artificially perfumed at all. I could inhale the scent till the time I had the cloth over my face. It was loaded with essence but the essence was not very gooey which was great. Though it was loaded, it got absorbed in like 20 minutes in my skin after which those parts started to emboss.


Results: The results were very average but not that bad. I could see that it took away all the dryness and flakiness and my skin did not feel parched at all. It was all bouncy, healthy and plump. It felt like my skin got a dose of moisture, which was much needed. I could feel my skin becoming soft. It kept the moisture intact for the day that followed and then my skin came back to normal. It took away all the sebum and dullness, and my face looked fresh and lively. So, a good mask but not great!

Pros of Anatomicals Botanicals Hydrating Rose Cloth:

• Easy to use
• Easy to carry
• The mask fits my face perfectly
• The cloth is very soft and gentle
• Super soothing and relaxes me to the core
• Imparts a soothing and a cooling sensation
• Lovely rose scent which calms down the senses
• My skin instantly looked refreshed and lively
• It hydrated my skin like it said
• Made my skin soft, bouncy and smooth
• Dryness and flakiness had gone away

Cons of Anatomicals Botanicals Hydrating Rose Cloth:

• Temporary effects
• Expensive
• Worked average
• Limited availability in India

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Anatomicals Botanicals Hydrating Rose Cloth?
I am not sure about getting it again because just by spending a few more bucks, I can get Maskeraide Sheet Masks which totally give amazing results!

IMBB Rating:

Trying more stuff from them, the reviews will be up soon! A very refreshing brand to try.

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