Anatomicals Hand and Foot Cream Review

Anatomicals Hand and Foot Cream Review

Can’t sing, can’t act, and can’t dance? In fact have no discernible talent for anything at all? Hello! Why aren’t you in the pages of star magazines every week? In a world where everybody strives to be a somebody, it’s definitely not ok to be a nobody. So the heat is on you to behave and look your best. (Since best is actually a magazine for your mum, let us keep it as lower case, shall we.) And where your hands and feet are concerned, this pack can help you look every inch the global international milkmaid celebrity. Don’t moan, it’s big on Bulgarian newsstands.

anatomicals hand and foot cream

anatomicals hand and foot cream

I stumbled upon this brand anatomicals on routine ASOS surfing. The way they have described their products, really caught my attention …I have never come across any skin care brand with such cheesy, quirky, amusing lines & humorous description. I immediately ordered this foot cream & hand cream pack then, since these seemed the safest bet to try. I can’t risk anything new on my sensitive facial skin.

Here is a little something the brand has to say about itself

“Look, you are probably a very intelligent person. Always a grade A student. Always top of the class. Always first with the answers. God! How we hated you. For all we know you can currently speak ten languages, fluently, including Tibetan (handy), and you can name the leaders of every country in the world. But frankly, we don’t care. We don’t give a jot whether your IQ is 15 or 150, because we only want you for your body. Not that we wish to buy your body parts, truth is, we’d rather purchase a clapped out Ford. At Anatomicals we manufacture the planet’s funkiest toiletries and so far people seem to like them. So exactly like oxygen, water, gravity and chocolate fudge cake, you’ll soon wonder how on earth you ever managed to survive without us!”
You can learn more about this brand on their official site,
This pack was around 4-5 pounds (around Rs.350) 2 months back on ASOS. The shipping was free. :D. I found the deal pretty reasonable . 🙂

anatomicals hand and foot cream

Light yet mighty, this cream has sweet almond oil and vitamin E oil. The description is just such a perfect glimpse into the humor of the line; I have to list it in its entirety. “Do you never have to lift a finger to do anything? Have your hands never been in a washing up bowl? Do you never shake hands with anyone unless you’re wearing white gloves? In short, are you the queen of England? If you are, we’d just like to remind you that the corgis need a walk and to say that you have no need for this ultra soothing cream. If, however, your blood’s redder than blue, buy tubes of the stuff. After all, look at all those dirty plates in the sink.”

anatomicals hand cream

anatomicals hand cream

anatomicals hand cream


anatomicals hand cream swatch


anatomicals hand cream ingredients


Summing down the pros & cons of this hand cream…

Pros of Anatomicals Hand Cream

  • The cream is extremely light weight, non greasy and is absorbed in the skin within seconds.
  • The fragrance is extremely mild, barely there kinds.
  • Staying power is really good, once applied my hands stay soft for good 2-3 hours.
  • I see a slight change in the softness of my hands within 15 days of using it.
  • Extremely economical, Rs. 175 (approx) for good 100 ml of quantity.
  • Easy to use and carry, hygienic tube type packaging

Cons of Anatomicals Hand cream

  • Provides very little moisturisation. I doubt it will work well on extremely dry skin.
  • Not available in India. Have to be shopped from the site or ASOS which is almost impossible for us now due to PayPal no longer available to us gullible Indians 🙁
  • Contains parabens


Anatomicals Foot Cream

Product description
Anatomicals Cheese Release Me – Soothing Foot Cream. Run! Go on run and don’t you stop running. Run for your life, run to and from work, run marathons, run half marathons, run up hills, run through forest and while you are running, make sure you wear trainers. That way, come the end of the day, you will have just about the smelliest feet in the neighborhood and be forced to keep buying this refreshing foot cream to stop the dog fainting every time you remove your socks or tights.

I love you with the ferocity of an exploding thousand megaton nuclear bomb”. “Your eyes are like deep pools I could jump naked into and save you from drowning”. “You are my rock, my pebble, my grain of sand on the beach of life where I dream of us walking hand in hand forever”. If you think these lines are cheesy, take your shoes off after a hard day of being on your feet and you’ll then know exactly why you need this ultra cooling, refreshing, soothing and deodorizing cream. Some new tights or socks wouldn’t hurt either.

Just imagine how much longer Custer’s last stand would have lasted if the good General had have had this foot cream handy. Massaged all over, it will leave your feet soothed, refreshed and so invigorated, you’ll be begging to stand in line for coffee, theatre tickets, store sales and the like.

Size: 100ml

Anatomicals Foot Cream

Other claims about the product
• Softening foot cream from Anatomicals
• Deodorizing cream for fresh, invigorated feet
• Leaves your feet refreshed and moisturized,


anatomicals foot Cream


This young and trendy foot cream does more than just moisturize! It has a deodorizing effect, for stinky feet, a soothing moisturizer for dry cracked and flaky skin, all wrapped up in a zingy fresh mint fragrance. It comes in a funky blue squeezable tube which is easy to handle. I noticed after being in my shoes all day and that the cream sank in straight away, leaving no visible trace of dry skin on the heels or round my big toe which are my problem areas. It would make an ideal cream to put on in the evening after bathing.

What I like about this foot cream….
• The cream gives an extremely cooling effect to the feet… It would be a wonderful treat in the summers.
• The foot cream smells of mint and feels really cool and soothing when you use it.
• NO sticky feel and you only need to use a little at a time.
• Reasonably priced at Rs. 175(approx)
• Keeps bad odour of feet at bay, due its deodorizing effect
• Easy to use and carry, hygienic tube type packaging

What I don’t like about this foot cream….
• After applying it the soles of my feet felt quite greasy.
• Not apt for winters, as it has a really cooling effect. But winter is the time when we need such greasy foot creams …. ☹
• Again, Not available in India. Have to be shopped from the site or ASOS
• Contains parabens.

Overall verdict = These creams are good for personal pampering or would make a good gift for a friend with whom you want to share a little laughter too 😛

Will I buy it again…?
I so want to, and I wish that PayPal returns and we can do more online shopping . 🙁

IMBB rating
Hand cream= 3.5/5 :-* :-* :-* :-
Foot cream= 3/5 :-* :-* :-*

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  2. They are so cute..and I would have bought for the descriptions 😀 😀 The foot cream is I guess meant for the kinds who wear thick socks in winter..errr…like me…and turn the heat up (like meee)…so the feet feel fresh even though they are all wrapped up 😀

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