Anatomicals Hazelnut Scrub Review

Anatomicals Hazelnut Scrub Review

Anatomicals Hazelnut Scrub Review

I consider body scrubbing equally important as face scrubbing.  Wondering, why is body scrubbing important? The reason is that the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, accumulates dead skin cells that needs to be removed. Normal bathing does not provide the exfoliation that is needed for healthiest skin. Regular exfoliation with a body scrub will remove the dead outer layer of your skin and reveal a younger, smoother, soft, healthier layer of skin. The lotion that you put on your skin has to work its way through layers of dead skin cells just to reach the top layer. No matter how much body lotion you put on the dead skin cells, they still remain dead skin cells. If you want healthy smooth skin, you must slough them off. No better way that in the shower or bath with a body exfoliator.

But obviously, it won’t be wise to use a facial scrub as a body scrub. I do use a bath lily/loofah or bath gloves with a shower gel to give my body slight daily exfoliation, but a body scrub is the best bet to use for good exfoliation. So, I use a body scrub once or twice a week and like my face washes and moisturizers, I always keep on purchasing body scrubs regularly. This Anatomicals Hazelnut scrub is the one I am using currently. I got this along with the Anatomicals Chocolate Shower Gel.

PS*Never use a body scrub on your face! It’s way too harsh for the delicate facial skin.



Around 4-5 pounds, so around INR 400 for 200 ml.





The scrub comes in a simple, round, plastic jar with a screw-off lid. The packaging is exactly like The Body Shop body butters.  The packaging is just fine, but I would have liked it more if it came in a convenient-to-use tube.

Swatch 1

Swatch 2

Swatch 2



My Experience with Anatomicals Hazelnut Scrub:

I have used a lot of body scrubs before and they were all those walnut/almond particles kind, but this one is quite different. It’s a hazelnut scrub and the particles feel a little different on the skin as compared to normal scrubs.  The scrub is not hard or harsh on the skin, but gives a decent amount of exfoliation.

It’s a gel-based scrub and not a creamy one, but still manages to leave my skin soft and hydrated. I love the way it makes my skin super duper soft every time I use it.

As a body scrub, it fulfills all the purpose it is supposed to do and if I can get my hands on it again, I will definitely repurchase this!

The biggest flaw in this scrub is the smell! I was expecting it to smell chocolate-y with that Cadbury’s tag on it; just like the shower gel from the same range, but this has just an awful smell which really puts me off ! It smells like some rotten food. It smells so terribly bad that I refused to use it when I first opened the jar. I emptied half bottle of my lavender essential oil in it, some perfume and this still smells bad 😐 (but not as bad as it was initially).  Overall, it’s a nice body scrub but I just wish it came with some tolerable fragrance.

What I Like about Anatomicals Hazelnut Scrub:

  • The particles it has are not harsh on the skin.
  • Exfoliates skin very well.
  • Makes my skin extremely soft.
  • Hydrates the skin lightly.

What I Do Not Like about Anatomicals Hazelnut Scrub:

  • The smell, its such a torture!
  • The jar/tube type packaging.
  • Nonavailability in India.

IMBB Rating:

3 on 5 :-* :-* :-*

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33 thoughts on “Anatomicals Hazelnut Scrub Review

  1. Hazelnut :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

    I love hazelnut spread on my morning toast …yum yum…..first time im seeing a skincare product with Hazelnut

  2. Anatomicals stuff is pretty good – I have the lip balm, the eye cream, and the shower gel! I like the stuff I’ve got. Asos has anatomicals products and so does beautybay. For scrub, I just use my homemade sugar scrub, so I can adjust the scent. 😀

  3. So this is basically a squirrel`s vomit with dairy milk added in it (from what I could gather from the story and the package ) 😛 😛 i mean honestly can this get any better ? 😀 Me likey hehehe :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: great concept XD

  4. “Anatomicals” :toothygrin: nice name.. and why they have put Cadbury’s diary milk logo on them??? :drool: i am yet to buy body scrubs.. i use one home-made scrub prepared by my mum.. :toothygrin:

  5. the complete revu was going sooo fine till the last para where u described the smell :silly: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  6. furr i also use body scrubs as religiously as i use my facial exfoliators. i like the thought “No matter how much body lotion you put on the dead skin cells, they still remain dead skin cells.” 😀

    Rotten food… :(( try adding some essential oil in it or may be rose water… just thinking out loud.. :methinks:

      1. hawwww!! I totally missed reading that line. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: I actually got lost in my own body care routine mid way :ghost: :ghost:

  7. Hahaha! I love the descriptions on Anatomicals products. :hihi: :hihi: I am pretty sure that half the buyers are ensnared by those witty words. 😛 Thanks for the review. :woot: It seems like an interesting scrub what with hazelnut particles and all. 😀 Shame about the smell though. Perhaps you could use it when you’re down with a cold…? :silly:

    1. hahaaah… u know I hve cold thz days, n just yestrday i was trying a perfume at the counter… i have a travel size bottle of it so i know how it smells like… so i sprayed sooooo much of the perfume and I cudnt smell anything properly… i was wondering that even malls r stocking up fake perfumes 😀 😀 😀 😀

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