Andrea Modlash Strip Lash – 53 Black Review

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Hope you all are doing great. I am enjoying my last few months before the new member comes in my life. I have heard so much from people about how hectic life gets after having a baby that sometimes it scares me a lot.  But then when I think about the joy and happiness a baby brings in life, I feel better 😛 Anyway, whatever happens, I hope I will learn to manage my time well between my baby, work, family and my hobbies. If any of you have any suggestions for me, then you are most welcome 🙂 Coming to today’s review, I am going to review the much-raved false lashes from Andrea for you all. I am blessed with relatively long and thick lashes, so just curling them and using mascara gives the desired “open” look to my eyes.  Even for my wedding makeup, my makeup artist did not put false lashes as she felt that it will bring all the attention to my eyes only.  However, I had always wanted to try false lashes, just to get a feel of it at least.  I wanted to start with some natural-looking lashes, so I opted for Andrea Modlash Strip Lashes in #53.  After using it, I actually know what had been missing in my eye makeup all these years!

Andrea Modlash Strip Lash 53 Black Review


$4.49-$4.99 (price may vary from store to store).

Product Claims:

Each strip lash is meticulously handmade with 100% sterilized human hair for perfect uniformity. These false eyelashes are: Reusable, safe and sterile.  Easy-to-apply and affordable!

Andrea Modlash Strip Lash 53 Black Review

My Experience with Andrea Modlash Strip Lash – 53 Black:

As I have mentioned before, I wanted to start with a set of natural-looking false lashes.  And as expected, Andrea Modlash #53 gives the required highlight and glam factor to my look without looking very dramatic. It gives an effect of naturally thick, long, curly lashes and does not look made-up at all.

Andrea Modlash Strip Lash 53 Black Review

As it claims to be made of human hair, it actually feels soft to touch. The strip is made of soft plastic kind of material which is transparent. Using lashes with transparent strap gives a more natural look, so whenever you are buying false lashes, try to get them with transparent strap or band. Application wise, it is very easy to use without the need of an application tool.  One can apply it merely with hands easily.  These lashes do not feel heavy or uncomfortable on the eyes. Even after hours of wearing, there was no discomfort.  They are reusable, so after removing, just clean it with an oil-free makeup remover and store it back in the original case.  That is the only care you need to take to use it multiple times. I have used mine for 4-5 times till now and it’s still in good condition.

Andrea Modlash Strip Lash 53 Black Review

Overall, I love the push-up look these lashes give to my eyes without looking fake.  They are easy to use, lightweight, and reusable – very important factors for me.  I recommend these to all girls who want to try their hands on false lashes for the first time. It is also a great pick for girls who want natural-looking lashes for everyday wear.  It’s a great quality product at a very small price and also a must-have for everyone who loves eye makeup and false lashes.

Andrea Modlash Strip Lash 53 Black Review

Andrea Modlash Strip Lash 53 Black Review

Pros of Andrea Modlash Strip Lash – 53 Black:

  • Gives natural-looking thick, long lashes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Transparent strap gives freedom to wear with any shade of eyeliner.
  • Can be worn everyday also.
  • Reusable.

Cons of Andrea Modlash Strip Lash – 53 Black:

  • Limited availability in India.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Andrea Modlash Strip Lash – 53 Black?

I will!!

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