Will you Make a Difference- Animal Testing in Cosmetics

angora_rabbitsFate always plays its trick on me. It never supports me in reaching office in time. And same applies to leaving office early. So as usual I missed the staff bus by a split second.20 mins for next bus. My office is built in natural surroundings. There’s a lake and ducks and trees and rabbits. So I decided to take a walk.

There were few rabbits playing. I went near and they ran. I went away and they started playing again. I had a carrot and tried to lure them with it. Succeeded !!! 🙂 Didn’t want to miss another bus, so left in a while.

Don’t know why but for a moment, I got connected to them. Not that I like animals. I prefer being away from them. Before this, I got connected to my grandpa’s dog. And this is all about me and animals till date.

I am sure testing on animals in cosmetic industry is not new to any one of us. Just type animal testing in search of You Tube and you will find hundreds of videos showing human atrocities on animals. And I am sure even you are empathetic about it as I am right now. But I thought of doing my bit today and passing it on to you. Hence this post. 🙂

PETA has listed companies which do and don’t test on animals.

Here’s the link


So what do I do? The first thing which will come to your mind is ‘the least I can do is stop using the products of the company which does animal testing’. True. But my reasoning is that if the company loses 10 consumers in a consumer base of thousands, how will it affect. So I think, if you want , Yes stop using their products. But with it we all can raise a voice. May be it would not make a difference .May be it would.

So how do I raise voice? I am dedicated consumer of Neutrogena and I discovered it today that they do animal testing. So yes I am going to stop using their products and as their dedicated consumer mail them saying that ‘I would be waiting for using their products till they stop animal testing’.

My intention of the post is not asking everyone to stop using products of the company that support animal testing. But if you feel doing so, go for it. If some of you understand the scientific reason for testing on animals and if you can suggest an alternative, please do so.

I want you to share your opinions and how would you try to make a difference. The whole idea is to share and touch that hidden morality in us.

Some of things which I can think :-

  • If you are not sure of companies stand on animal testing, then mail them asking information in a very healthy way.
  • Talk to friends and inform them of any such company you know.
  • Share the videos on facebook, orkut. You never know how many people would start following it.
  • You can always use those status messages on facebook.
  • You can blog about it.

You never know, just a small concern can make a difference.

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25 thoughts on “Will you Make a Difference- Animal Testing in Cosmetics

  1. That was a good post…… I try to check out a company’s policy on animal testing before I buy stuff from them, cuz its really heartbreaking to think about the suffering caused for the sake of cosmetics!

  2. It’s shocking to see the list of companies that test products on Animals. 🙁 Most of the brands I love are also on the list. :-(( :-((

    Why the hell do they have to do it?

    I think my respect for Clinique has gone way up now. They bring in volunteers from across the globe to test their products. Atleast they are not doing all this animal testing and hurting the poor animals.

    Great post and I’d try to discard a few brands but there are a few that I totally love. :-(( Dunno! :-((

  3. i always knew that i shouldn’t use products that have been tested on animals, but then most of the drugstore brands that we are surrounded by DO test on them. i think i should make a list of all these products. gotta get my pen and paper. high time i acted on what i believe in. maybe we could have a pledge form here where we can sign up and promise to not use products that aren’t tested on animals.

  4. I’m a die hard animal lover.. and i’m even doing my thesis on an animal care center. its completely disheartening and upsetting to see all this, during my research and case studies, i came across a number of cases on animal testing.. (they never make it alive). its not only about animal testing, but i think its high time we acted upon the cause of treating animals right. we dont need a mink in our closet! we;d survive anyway..
    its an amazing job you’ve done posting this! i am extremely thankful and greatful to you for this post!! 🙂

  5. omg i had no idea Neutrogena tests on animals !!
    when it says dermatologist tested does it make any sense to test on animals as well ?

  6. I am so glad and happy everyone is in for it 🙂

    I think one thing which we can do is.. As IMBB group .. Everytime you write a review , you can try to find the products/company stand on the animal testing ..
    and just mention it somewhere on post ..

    I have seen some of Dagny’s review mentioning it ..
    May be we all can try it

  7. i m stopping using neutrogena frm 2day n i will do my best 2 spread this info 2 ppl i know n ask them 2 boycott using products that do animal testing.heartly thx 4 this post.god bless u.

  8. 🙁 🙁 the ugly side of the beauty industry!

    Thanks for posting this Alpa. The rabbit photo is just heartbreaking!

  9. at least oriflame does not test on animals
    i saw that long back on their brochures and was happy
    but will be careful next time

  10. i was so shocked to know that majority of our daily use products(especially by uniliver and procter&gamble) are tested on animals! from today i’ve decided to ban every single product which does animal testing.i am discarding all the products i already have.who the hell are we to make them suffer like that just to look pretty! i’ll rather go bare faced than look pretty which came as a result of an innocent’s suffering.. tears were literally rolling down my cheeks when i watched the video..i coundnt stop crying.i am wondering what happened to humanity! and how could government instead of banning such a cruel practice label it as ”LEGAL”!!! shame on all of those who follow such an inhuman act! from today all those companies lost another loyal customer. if they continue torturing innocent animals, in no time they are going to lose all of their customers permanently.

  11. everyone who supports animal testing and tortures even a single living creature must die nowwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!! :-X

    these pretty animals deserve to be loved…. :bunny: :cat: :cat2: :chick: :chicken: :chicken2: :cow: :pig2: :pig: :panda: :mouse: :monkey2: :monkey: :lion: :koala: :hippo: :goat: :duck: :dog2: :dog: :cow2: :sheep: :sheep2: :reindeer: :tiger: :turtle: :snail:

    and they r not ur property.. so stop these inhuman practices.

  12. I never knew that Olay, Maxfactor, Pantene, Cover Girl and even Loreal test on animals!!! 😯 😯 😯 😯 ..This is so shocking!! Me giving up these products from now on!!!! 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

  13. I have not been buying products that test on animals for about a year now. You can find nice compaerable alternatives with companies that do not test. I spelled comparable wrong but won’t let me go back and delete letter. beautypedia.com is a good start to find who does and who doesn’t test on animals. It is free.

  14. i have recently banned using animal tested products . For cosmetics i use CHAMBOR its cruelty free and awesome and would say better than most popular brands like maybelline, LoReal ect . As jonshon and jhonson is worst they test on baby animals WORST PRODUCT WONT EVEN BY A J&J BANDAID NO MATTER HOW MUCH I BLEED

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