Anna Andre Extreme Elegance Long Lasting Eyeliner in 60299 Review

Anna Andre Extreme Elegance Long Lasting Eyeliner in 60299

Hi everybody,

I told you about my recent craze for blue eyeliners and that I have collected quite a few of them. Today I am going to review my second purchase in the blue eyeliner series. This was the first time that I tried anna andre brand and ordered its eye and lip liners. Read on to find how this one fared on me.


About Anna Andre:

Anna Andre became a fashion phenomenon at an early age as a make-up artist in her hometown outside of Paris. After becoming immensely popular in her hometown she decided to challenge the boundaries of color in make-up and experimented with new products for different people.

Product description:

• Anna Andre Paris Extreme Elegance Long Lasting Eyeliner this eyeliner defines your eyes well.
• Anna Andre Paris Extreme Elegance Long Lasting Eyeliner is an automatic pencil that provides a rich, consistent color
• The smooth formula glides on the skin
• Specially formulated to last all day.


Price: INR 210

Ingredients: Hydrogenated coco glycerides, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax, paraffinum liquidum, cera microcrystalline, (microcrystalline wax), lanolin, silica, BHA, methylparaben, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77007, CI 77510, CI 77019.

My take on Anna Andre Extreme Elegance Long Lasting Eyeliner in 60299:

It comes as a sleek black body eye liner with twist up mechanism. The centre patch of the body of the eyeliner is colored the same as the shade. The cap fits in with a click lock mechanism but the twist up thing is loose. Like, the body material of this eyeliner is very cheap, while twisting up it shivers like a 90 year old person. 😛

Coming to shade, it is a light blue shade. Looking at the bullet we think it contains shimmer but on application it is matte. It is a very light shade for my liking. I like dark blue or navy blue eyeliners more on my eyes.

The pigmentation is awful. I had to swipe it 10 times to and fro for the hand swatch and 20 times for the eye swatch. If I have to rub that much for the color to be visible I would stop using it anyway. The texture of this eyeliner is somewhat average, the bullet is not rough but then rubbing it a zillion times makes it a bad experience already.


It is not at all smudge proof or waterproof. After 5 minutes of application the color tends to fade. If you touch your eye even once (I am saying touch and not rub) the line goes off completely. So all the claims saying it gives rich color and that it is formulated to last all day are rubbish.

The only good point about this eyeliner is that it did not irritate my eyes when applied on the waterline- no watering, no stinging, nothing of the sort.

Otherwise it is a complete dud. My beloved 200 rupees flushed down the lane. 😛


Pros of Anna Andre Extreme Elegance Long Lasting Eyeliner in 60299:

• Because may be you are too bored of good eyeliners.
• Because may be the only thing you do at night is online shopping and this eyeliner appeared as something new.
• Because you desperately want to give your 200 rupees in charity to the online cosmetic shopping sites.
• Well, it does not sting on the waterline.

Cons of Anna Andre Extreme Elegance Long Lasting Eyeliner in 60299:

• It has the cheapest packing which shivers on twisting up.
• The color pigmentation is awful.
• It smudges a lot.
• Not at all waterproof
• I do not like the color too.

Imbb rating: 0.25/5

Recommendation: I would rather say beware. If you spot such a thing run away as far as you can.

Repurchase: Seriously? I am keeping a give away with this one here and now itself. Anyone who wants this eyeliner may tell me, pay for the shipping and get the eyeliner for free. 😛

Until next time, take care!

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16 thoughts on “Anna Andre Extreme Elegance Long Lasting Eyeliner in 60299 Review

  1. Haha Sahiba, Loved ur repurchase suggestion..
    wen I saw this post I thot of buying it instantly but not after reading the full review *nababana* *nababana*

  2. Lol Sahiba i don’t want it *hihi* *hihi* it has already smugded in the swatch too *haan ji* *haan ji* the colour is beautiful and looks great *pompom* *pompom*

  3. So sad Sahiba 🙂 *cry* Such bad quality…. swiping 20 times u kidding me?? *spank* *spank* *spank* Anyways…pretty grey eyes with oozing enigma!!!

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