Anna Andre Paris Glamour Eau De Parfum Review

Anna Andre Paris Glamour Eau De Parfum

Anna’s Glamour is rich, sensual and breathtaking. The seductive top notes of Green Apple and Peach evolve into a luminous floral bouquet of Mimosa, Lily, Freesia and Jasmine petals.

Fragrance Family:fruity, musk, floral, sandalwood
Quantity:100 ml
Aromatic Compounds: musk, lily, peach


Top Note peach, melon
Heart Note Jasmine, Lily
Base Note Sandalwood, Musk

Anna Andre Paris Glamour  Eau De Parfum (6)


INR 450

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I picked this one too for fun,:P dont know what comes over me when I shop online, i picked up quite a few of them. This is kind of impressive due to the bottle and the strong floral musky but very soapy kind of smell, well overall I would say it is nice only if you are okay with soapy fragrances.

I would say it is a young to late twenties perfume and more of a day to evening wear, it is not that woody but more of a blend of floral fruity and musk plus soap 😛

The most impressive thing was the bottle, the glass looked very superior quality and the cap looked nice with the pink diamond thingy happening, it is very bulky to carry it comes in a huge pack but it is next to impossible to carry it, it is best kept beautifying the closet, but I am kind of impressed with it because of the packaging for 450 rupees.

Anna Andre Paris Glamour  Eau De Parfum (5)

The fragrance is quite strong and on the floral musky side, when you first spray you can smell citrus floral initially and it is quite strong, once it settles it starts getting musky soapy and then finally settles to a very soapy sweet kind of smell. I would not say it is sophisticated but still is kind of refreshing, it has a powerful smell but once it settles it is not overpowering I would say.

Anna Andre Paris Glamour  Eau De Parfum (7)

I would say light fragrance lovers can skip this but if you are into stronger musky floral but still crisp and like this bottle you will like this, it is not bad for stronger perfume lovers.

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  1. Woooooow the bottle is sooo attractive *drool* *drool* *drool* *woot* *woot* *woot* looks soo cute and the fragrance looks yummiee *hifive* great pick huh for this price *hifive* *hifive* *happy dance*

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