Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow-Golden Shine

Annabelle Mono Eyeshdaow- Golden Shine

Have you noticed how out of no where, Gold just seems to be the new trend again? For years, many people kept buying silver related items, including makeup. Remember that whole trend of putting silver and/ or white eyeshadow or eyeliner on near the corner of your eyes? It was used to make your eyes look bigger. But now, everyone is interested in Gold again. So from Gold accessories to gold makeup, everyone is trying to get a bit of Gold into their outfits and daily looks every day. So why not give it a try yourself?

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I’ve been trying to look for the perfect but very affordable gold eyeshadow that I can wear on a daily basis. I hate buying expensive items that I know will be used everyday, so I try my best to get cheaper items that I know I will use everyday for school. In this case, I bought Annabelle’s mono eyeshadow in golden shine and let me tell you, it is the perfect golden eyeshadow. It’s not too bright but it’s not too dull, it gives your eyes that perfect pop of colour that you absolutely need in the winter. Forget bright colors girls, try some gold dust on your lids and you will be set this winter. Plus, you will be trendy in the fashion world, and we all know how hard it is to keep up with the fashion industry and their trends.

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I can’t remember how much I bought the shadow for, I think it was for $9 here in Canada. I found it a local drug store on sale, and after testing it on my wrist, I knew I had to buy it because the color looked so good on my skin tone. Being Indian, I find it hard to find colors that match our skin tone, we can wear bright eye shadows but to a certain extent before they end up looking really bad on us. I think gold is perfect for us and it complements our skin tones, it just brings our features out a lot!

And now to get into the best part, the pros and cons break down of the item.

Pros of Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow-Golden Shine:

Eyeshadow itself:

The amount of eyeshadow included in this container is absolutely crazy. Annabelle isn’t a well known brand, but they sure know how to spoil their buyers with putting so much product in a tiny container. You definitely get more than what you pay for when you buy their products, which is really nice because it’ll end up lasting a lot longer than your high brand makeup products.

Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow Golden Shine


The amount of money that this eyeshadow costs is so sufficient. I love how it is so affordable and literally anyone can buy this. It’s less than ten dollars and you really can’t go wrong with this. I remember looking at some of MAC and Sephora’s eyeshadows, and they cost anywhere between twenty to fifty dollars – just for one golden eyeshadow! A bit too pricey if you ask me.

Cons of Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow-Golden Shine:

I think there is only one con with this item and that is because they are really, really pigmented. If I could change anything, I would definitely reduce the amount of pigment that it contains. It’s a bit too much and can make your eyes look weird if you apply too much, which is why I only apply a little bit onto my eyelids. I can only apply two coats, if I add a third coat, my eye lids would just look glittery and I don’t like glittery eyes – if its not using actual glitter eyeshadow.

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  1. its a gorgeous shade Neha…. and i agree with u gold is back… i also seem to have some fixation with gold eyeshadows… he he … everytime i keep on searching for a gold eyeshadow 😀

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