Anne French Creme Hair Remover – Sandal Review

Anne French Creme Hair Remover – Sandal Review


I have this hair removal cream lying in my bathroom cupboard since many years.  I had used this 1 year ago, maybe 2-3 times, and didn’t use it after that, as I was not happy with this.  Now, I have changed to other better hair removers. Thought of reviewing it, so that you too will know about it.



45 INR for 40 gm.

Product Description:

Experience the natural goodness and fresh fragrance of sandalwood as you use the Anne French method of hair removal. Anne French hair removal creme is made for easy and painless hair removal from your arms, underarms and legs. This pack of three cremes is rich in moisture and has a sandalwood fragrance so that your skin stays soft, fresh and odour-free after hair removal. Enjoy smooth and supple skin as you get ready to wear those sleeveless outfits and shorts.


Perfect way to remove unwanted hair.  Comes with double-action spatula.  Eliminates unwanted hair painlessly and gently.  Enriched with moisturiser, has a delightful scent of sandal.  Suitable option for normal to dry skin.

Anne French

Directions For Use:

Apply cream evenly onto the skin, covering all unwanted hair properly. Don’t rub it harshly.  Leave it for 7 minutes and then remove it with the spatula for removing cream and unwanted hair.


Ingredients anne french cream

My Take on Anne French Creme Hair Remover – Sandal:

This is the first hair removal cream I have ever used.  I bought this for my legs and was very unsatisfied with it. The cream comes in a glass bottle with a twist open cap, along with a spatula, The cream is pinkish brown in color and the texture is a bit rough (not smooth at all).  The smell is a bit strong.

Anne French Hair Remover

When I first applied the cream, I was so eager to see the results within the specified time (7 minutes), but I was disappointed because it took approximately more than 10 minutes to see the hair removal action, that too not complete, it left traces of hair here and there, which looked ugly.  This is a below-average hair removal cream.  I do not recommend this as we can find better hair removal creams in the market.

Hair Remover Cream

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Anne French Creme Hair Remover – Sandal:

  • Easily available.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Anne French Creme Hair Remover – Sandal:

  • Doesn’t work well.
  • Smell is strong.

Do I Recommend Anne French Creme Hair Remover – Sandal?

No, there are many better depilator creams available in the market.

IMBB Rating:


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5 thoughts on “Anne French Creme Hair Remover – Sandal Review

  1. Doesnt these hair removal cream stinks once applied. *waiting* .. I puked once never tried after that !! *ghost*
    I would like to know about the better one’s that you mentioned *haan ji*

  2. veet gives good results *happy dance* *happy dance* i love the feel it gives. even i have an unused bottle of anne french *hunterwali* *hunterwali*

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