Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Eau de Toilette Review

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Eau de Toilette

petite cherie annick goutal

Petite Cherie Perfume is the second fragrance I’ve tried from luxury French perfumery Annick Goutal. I received a sample vial of it with my purchase of a bottle of Eau d’ Hadrien, which, like Petite Cherie, counts as one of the brand’s most popular scents. Pictured below is a limited edition bottle of Petite Cherie, which is super cute and just as playful as the perfume itself…

petite cherie annick goutal

About the scent

Petite Chérie is the scent Annick Goutal bestowed on her daughter, as a gift. Annick had already presented her with the aptly named “Eau de Camille” and later, went on to dedicate this irresistible, sensual and seductive fragrance, which she described as being “reminiscent of a young girl’s cheek that you want to lovingly kiss” to her daughter. This scent, “a mother’s beautiful vision for her child, baptized with the nickname she gave me” remains, for Camille, a vibrant tribute and the most touching of gifts.

It was created in 1998 and is classified as a fruity floral.

Top notes– Cut grass, Peach

Middle notes– Musky Rose, Pear

Base note– Vanilla

petite cherie annick goutalMy humble sample card

Petite Cherie is generally marketed towards young women around their 20s, and I can understand why it would appeal to that age bracket, or even younger. It’s a fruity floral, which seems pretty popular with most young girls, but it’s not the typical sweet, candyish, meant-to-smell-sexy fruity floral. Just the opposite—to me it smells delicate, unique, and innocent.

Mostly what I smell when I first apply it is peach. Not syrupy, spicy, or too sweet, but fresh and subtle. There are small hints of musky floral as the fragrance stays longer on the skin, and then the clean scent of pear. It dries down to a lovely, soft, delectable sweetness, thanks to the vanilla. Yes, there’s vanilla, but it never becomes predominantly vanilla or sweet. I don’t find it overwhelming, and all throughout it remains fresh and soft, due to the smell of juicy pear and cut grass in the mix.

I love sniffing and sniffing it, especially on my initial application. It smells almost yummy. Yet to me, it’s never seductive. More of playfulness, which the fruity notes give to the fragrance. I love the way Annick Goutal described it as being “reminiscent of a young girl’s cheek that you want to lovingly kiss”. For me that conjures an appropriate image of how this perfume smells. My little girl is but a toddler, but when an occasion comes up to put her in a pretty dress, I would probably dab a little bit of Petite Cherie on her.

That’s not to say that only younger people can wear this. Heck, I’d give this to my grandma to cheer her up, if she were still around. And I’d wear it anytime I want to smell lovely, and feel playful and carefree.

I would recommend it to women of any age, who want something soft and sweet, joyful and youthful.

Plus, I adore that beautiful bottle. Petite Cherie lasts about 6 hours on me, which I think is long enough. I often wear it during daytime, in the spring or summer.

I like this perfume and would buy a bottle of it…when I have the budget for it, that is. Annick Goutal perfumes are a bit on the expensive side, at about $86 or around Rp. 3900. But for this sweet little darling of a perfume, the price seems quite reasonable.

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