Announcing! IMBB Blog Sale

We have been getting a few requests about holding a blog sale. So here we are announcing the blog sale.

You may read the full details on the rules and regulations about the IMBB’s blog sale HERE.

Blog Sale Date : Friday, 7th September, 2012

Time : 11 am onwards on

Please send us details of your products by 10:00 pm Tuesday, 4th September, 2012.


33 thoughts on “Announcing! IMBB Blog Sale

  1. hello., I am a college student, am lookin foward to the sale, but i’ve got a doubt, i don’t hav a bank account,so how do i go about d selling/buying process.??

      1. hey Rati, i have a joint account with my Dad..,can i use dat? if yes, whr do i send my details as well as the details of my products??

  2. hiii…what do i have to do if i wanna buy something from the sale?? do i have to register myself or something??

    1. Anshika… You just hav to mention it in the comment box… that u wanna bid for a particular product. Its a first come first serve kinda thing. So the person to comment first gets to buy it. Just in case someone backs out or does not respond within a specific time frame set by team IMBB, then in that case, the product goes to bidder no.2

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