Anti-Ageing Avocado and Kiwi Face Mask: Do It Yourself

Anti-Ageing Avocado and Kiwi Face Mask: Do It Yourself

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are enjoying Diwali 🙂 I am here with an easy, all-natural collagen facial mask that you can make for yourselves at home. You all know I always crave for anti-ageing stuff 😛 I just feel its better to play safe, and as they say, prevention is better than cure! I am totally loving this magical avocado and kiwi face mask! I have read about this pack in an IMBB post that talked about collagen facials 🙂

Anti-Ageing Avocado and Kiwi Face Mask Do It Yourself

Let me tell you that avocado is a health and beauty treasure in itself! It is loaded with all anti-ageing vitamins like A, B, C and youth mineral potassium.  The best part of avocado is that it is suitable for almost all skin types and they also help to slow down the ageing process due to collagen formation. Simply applying avocado pulp on face for half an hour works wonders, believe me! It is highly recommended to include avocado in daily diet too.  Kiwi is another great source of vitamin C, E, and traces of Vitamin A which enhances collagen formation and replenishes our skin with antioxidants. Besides that, the black seeds of the kiwi fruit also contain fatty acids omega 3 oils which also benefit our skin. We all know our skin cells are made from fatty acids, so omega 3 oil helps keep our skin soft and supple.

Even I use kiwi to make a special chutney with samosa and pakoras during winters.  Quick recipe here, blend 3 kiwis with cilanthro, 1 tablespoon jeera, pinch of heeng and salt to taste.  It tastes awesome and is full of nutrients! Oops, that’s out of post 😛

Needless to say, you can guess why I love this face pack so much 😛

Let’s prepare this easy yet super beneficial natural collagen face mask:

Step 1:

Take 1 avocado and 1 kiwi fruit and de-skin them to get the pulp out.


Step 2:

Just squeeze out the pulp from both the fruits and keep them in a clean bowl.

Avocado and Kiwi

Step 3:

Finally, mash them until you get a creamy paste.  That’s it, done!

Kiwi and Avocado

Step 4:

Since I love honey in every face mask, hence I optionally added honey to the paste. If you don’t want honey, you may stop at step 3 itself.

Avocado hair mask

Your paste may look like this:

Kiwi and Avocado Face Mask

Finally, apply this paste for half an hour and then rinse with lukewarm water followed by applying your moisturizer. It is a good mask for winters as well! Regular use of this face mask will not only add glow to your face, but also vanish away stress and ageing signs I swear 🙂

Kiwi Face Mask

You may refrigerate the remaining fruit for next use! But it should be noted that sliced avocado pieces should be kept after adding 1 tsp lime juice just to protect them from oxidation and turning brown.

This is my next lot for hair mask 🙂

Avocado hair

This face mask is suitable for all skin types, even acne and sensitive skin too.  So, what are you waiting for! Grab kiwis and try this multipurpose face mask this winter while enjoying pakoras with chutney 😀

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17 thoughts on “Anti-Ageing Avocado and Kiwi Face Mask: Do It Yourself

    1. I agree 🙂 and somehow I would never be able to make this mask. I mean I am like.. how can I use rare and expensive fruits like avocado and kiwis for a mask and not eat them. 😉 hihihi..

      Yahan to people dont even know if such fruits exist and its been ages since I have had them 🙁

  1. Neetu.. thanks for sharing this.. avocadoes and kiwis.. both are known to have amazingly high content of anti-oxidants and I am sure they would really help in making skin glow.

    1. yep u r rt dear.. 🙂 Kiwi is known to contain higher content of vitamin C than strawberries or other citrus fruits similarly avocados are known for containing youth mineral Potassium..! They are extremely gud to taste & use as face mask!!

  2. such a delicious looking mask neetu! i think i will just eat the rest of the mix after applying the mask 😛 but sadly we don’t get these fruits here 🙁

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