Antique Gold Smokey Eyes + MUFE Eyeshadow M100, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Marc Jacobs Lipstick Infamous Review


Hi Everyone, 🙂
My today’s makeup look is an antique gold black smokey eyes. It’s your classic smokey eye with that rich gold twist to it. Since wedding season is round the corner, I thought it could be one of your party looks. 🙂 Give it a try and do share your pics! 🙂

It’s quite easy to do if you know how to do a basic smokey eye (Tutorial HERE). I just used 2 eyeshadows and a metal powder for the look.Honestly, it’s a 3 step eye makeup look.
Step 1 :Create an outer ‘V’ using a black eyeshadow. Apply the black eyeshadow inward and a bit past the crease. Keep blending the eyeshadow so that it looks all smudged and not stark. Leave the lid empty
Step 2 : Use a gold eyeshadow on the lid and blend the edges with the black eyeshadow
Step 3 (optional): Use a metal powder / pigment right on top of the gold eyeshadow.
Step 4: Apply kohl on waterline.
Step 5: Apply black eyeshadow on lower lash line. Leave the inner corner of the eye for gold eyeshadow.
Step 6: Apply gold eyeshadow right underneath the waterline and inner corner. This will go on top of the black eyeshadow you have already applied on waterline.
Finish off with mascara / falsies. Voila! 🙂




2 eyeshadows used : Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Gold Rush, MUFE Eyeshadow M100anastasia-gold rush-eyeshadow

Products Used
Face :
Cover FX Primer
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Barcelona
Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Eye Wand
Charlotte Tilbury Blush
Laura Mericer Flawless Contouring Palette
The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer
Chantecaille Loose Powder

Eyes :
NYX Eyeshadow Primer
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Gold Rush
MUFE Eyeshadow M100
MUFE Metal Powder #2 (antique gold)
Ardell Eyelashes
Sugar Stroke of a Genius Kohl

Marc Jacobs Lipstick Infamous

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Cream Infamous Review : (Price USD 30/ Rs 2,000 approx) I love these kind of warm dusty rose colors in my collection. I find them easy to wear and I feel they are the best kind of MLBB shades atleast for my skintone. I picked up this shade called Infamous from Marc Jacobs a few months back. It is one of the shades I reach out for lot. The packaging is gorgeous glossy black and silver. It had a magnetic closure. The lip shades reminds me a lot of MAC Mehr lipstick. It is a satin finish lipstick with barely there fragrance and no taste. It goes on smoothly on lips and does not accentuate fine lines. I don’t find it either drying or hydrating, just comfortable. The lipstick has a gel cream texture. I find the texture just about right to glide on the lips smoothly without looking cakey. It does transfer a bit. But I never found it smudging or feathering. It has an average staying power of 4-5 hours. It’s the color I enjoy using the most but I find this lipstick quite replaceable. But that’s what makes it interesting. It is a universally flattering shade and can easily work for almost all skin tones. It’s hard to go wrong with this shade.A definite thumbs up for this one. I have worn this lipstick HERE  and HERE as well. Rating 4.5/5marc-jacobs-lipstick-infamous



Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow M100 Review (Price : USD21/ Rs 1400 approx) : I love a good black matte eyeshadow. And I am a fan of rich dark dark black eyeshadow. M100 is a medium black matte eyeshadow but an extremely buildable one. You can build this eyeshadow to a pitch black color and that’s what I love the most about it. This helps in controlling the intensity of color you put on in one go. It is an ammmmmazing eyeshadow. It goes on smoothly. Is not hard to blend. It has a bit of fall out. But when I do a black eye makeup, I always so my eyes first and then do the rest of the face. But you can control the fall out by slowly building up the color rather than going all in one go. That’s what I do when i have to do my lower lash line. It is very pigmented, stays put all day long, does not get patchy and does not crease. You get a lot of product in a pan. MUFE eyeshadow pans are pretty big as compared to MAC(check pic above. Anastasia’s eyeshadow pans are the same size as MAC eyeshadow pans) . Huge fan! Honestly, MUFE eyeshadows have changed my eye makeup game. I can’t wait to share more and more with you all as I go by. 🙂 This could have been even more black since this is the only matte black eyeshadow they have in their collection. But still, love it! Rating : 4.9/5


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review (Price USD 45 / Rs 3,000 approx for 30ml)We had a review of NARS Sheer glow Foundation on IMBB but a lot of posts got lost because of some changes on the site. So reviewing it again for all of you. To start with I am in the shade MAC NC 35 and I have normal to dry skin. I use the shade Barcelona in NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. A little rant : why are the SAs in foreign countries always trying to sell a bajillion shade darker to us brown girls? Thankfully I remembered my shade so that saved a lot of time and weird shade selection. This is one of the most iconic foundation that is out there. Except you have to buy the pump separately. I’d say, spend that pump money and save a lot of mess in your kit. Learnt it the hard way. 😐 This foundation is meant for those with normal to dry skin. For those with oily skin, NARS offers NARS Sheer Matte Foundation. It is available in 19 shades for light to medium and in various undertones. The shade selection is brilliant. It is not a sheer foundation, as the name says. t is a medium to a buidable coverage foundation that can be built up to pretty much a full coverage. It photographs beautifully because there is no SPF. It give that light glow to the skin without looking shiny or oily. I’d call it a satiny finish, which is neither dewy or matte.I also notice that as the day settles by, the foundation looks even better. It feels light on the skin, does not get cakey and sets within a few minutes of application. It does not transfer. It has a thin creamy consistency that makes it easy to use. It does not cling on to the dry patches or accentuate the pores.It stays put all day on me. But I use a primer, and a setting powder always with my foundation. Sometimes even a setting spray. I have worn this for as long as 8 hours and no complaints. If you have combination skin, the wear time may differ. It is fragrance free, dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic.

It is one of my most favourite foundations. I have repurchased it, says a lot about it. Except not having a pump for such an expensive foundation is truely a bummer. But the product in the bottle is pure gold. Rating : 4.5/5 Have also used it HERE and HERE


Swatches : l-r NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, MUFE Eyeshadow M100, Marc Jacobs Lipstick Infamousimg_1190


22 thoughts on “Antique Gold Smokey Eyes + MUFE Eyeshadow M100, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Marc Jacobs Lipstick Infamous Review

  1. This is so flawless, your base makeup looks so smooth.. I love your eye makeup..-You looks really stunning with a very natural glow.. I am skipping my makeup since last 5-6days but now I need to back again. Such a inspiring look 🙂 🙂

  2. So gorgeous and looks almost effortless…if only I had the skills to recreate your looks. Your makeup looks are not only visual treats for me, they inspire me. Love how you push your limits and show exceptional skills with each new look. I just love it so much. :-*

    1. shikha all you have to do is pick your brushes, eyeshadows and start! It’s all practise. :)) And you will do excellent i am very sure of it. Thank you :-*

  3. Wow, You look so fresh, much more younger & GORGEOUS! I admire your skills, and totally fascinated with the beauty you wear your makeup and create a new and different look each time.

  4. You are supremely talented and so beautiful too, I love the combination of gold and black on the eyes, the flawless smooth base, just about everything :*

  5. Loved the look Rati! Yes, it is just perfect for a wedding/party evening and isn’t too elaborate with half a dozen shades to work with. I’m gonna try to recreate it – but since smokey eye is my nemesis, don’t know if i’ll be sharing the pics or not! 🙁

    And that Lipstick – It has my name written on it! Such a lovely shade!!!

    You look absolutely ravishing!

    1. I think I was in a mood for something simpler but effective. Thank you. Dont tell me! you are so good at eye makeup…. I think with smokey eyes you have to keep the base quite flawless and n*de to balance things out. Might help. Go full coverage. 😀

      I know this shade…i keep buying such shades always! 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  6. WOW is the word not only inspire me to do makeup but give me confidence to go out of way and be nuts to try stuff which others might not find comfortable…I have been off purchasing makeup for almost 10 months now..I wanted to get disciplined and control my urge and finish my existing stuff..but soon new package arriving ?..going to get back in action very soon…I am going to try this look soon..keep going gal ?

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