Anushka Sharma in Saree

Anushka Sharma in Saree

I have no favourite actresses, I just “like” some and Anuskha Sharma is one of them.  She has a beaming radiant smile, a beautiful face, enviable height, and even more enviable figure.  Anushka Sharma is seen mostly in western outfits for her public appearances, but many a times she has been spotted in Indian traditional wear.  I love Anushka Sharma in sarees because she does not experiment and twist sarees in such a way that they do not look like sarees anymore, aka Sonam Kapoor.  Anushka Sharma wears sarees without any “renovation” and in all its glory.  I found some pics from the net, where she has done complete justice to the Indian attire and vice versa.  Take a look:

She looks so pretty in this off-white net saree with a plain black low cut blouse with chunky earrings.


Here’s another saree I love, its the beautiful color I am floored with:

Blue Saree

Here’s Anuskha in a half saree/lehenga saree promoting her movie “Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola.” The colour combination is quite kitschy, but what only matters is that she looks good.


She looks pretty as a picture in this typical lightweight red saree, the huge gold necklace adds elegance to the whole look.

Anushka Sharma Beautiful Red Saree Photos 1

Here are some pics of Anushka Sharma walking the ramp in saree for various designers:



This one seems to be a saree, isn’t it?

anushka-sharma-hot-in-saree-4 (1)

A pretty boring saree except for the low cut blouse, nevertheless, she looks good.


Saving the best for the last, she appeared in a beautiful velvet and light pink Sabyasachi saree with full sleeved embroidered blouse. She looked like a million dollars in this one.

Anushka Sharma

Winding up this compilation with just a small suggestion to Anushka, you look too pretty in sarees, wear them often for your public appearances.

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51 thoughts on “Anushka Sharma in Saree

  1. she looked awesome n refreshing in the jthj promos…besides kat who was looking like 5 years fashion backward.. i love how she always put a bit of thought into her overall look..

  2. Did you notice that the blouse she is wearing with the yellow lehenga is similar to what Rati wore for Diwali? Both are Masaba and obviously lovely 🙂

  3. i have always loved that last picture! From the blouse, to the hair, to the makeup…impeccable! I have a girl crush on her! :p

  4. My favourite outfit that Anushka wore was the one she wore on India’s Got Talent. It was sooo pretty I couldn’t take my eyes off it

  5. I have seen a dupe of Anushka’s Sarree in forst pic.. and it looked marvelous… she looks prettyy in sarees.. 🙂 ..Thanks for the treat jomo..

  6. I love Anushka a lot.. I think she has a fresh face and she acts well as well.. though I also think she is tooo thin. I wish she gains a little more flesh on her body.. but nevertheless, I love your post.. 😀 and the second pic is just gorgeous!

  7. Anu is stick thin and saris add curves to her body, which is great. I love most of the sarees she picks 🙂
    Why does her face look so ‘off’ in the Masaba lehenga?
    P.S. Rati wore that lehenga waaay better than Anu 😛

    1. Deeeee ur the first person to mention how thin she is !!! In person she is abso-godly-lutely skinny 🙁 Do not like that about her. I used love her in Rab ne Bana di Jodi when she was fresh faced and healthy !

      PS agreed – The Masaba looked better on Rati !

      1. Happy New Year, J! I just visited your blog, you need to update more often, girl! I wasn’t sure if you’d see my wishes there 😛
        Feed Anushkha some black forest cake next time you see her.
        I used to like her until day before yesterday, i.e. when I saw her on Bigg Boss. She’s done something to her face, for sure. And the way she talked about Imam, I was like :@

          1. Hahahahah yeah after she come on Bigg Boss – and I saw how thin she was I was like :O :O :O … And yeahs shes def done something to her face – either its all the weight she has lost that is making her face look different or well I dunno …. either way im no longer a fan… Ill be able to update my blog in peace once the Finale is over … and Happy new year to you tooo !!!! 😀 😀 😀

            1. I just read the comment. Jomol, made me read them. You guys are too sweet. i used to love anuska but oflate she has started looking super skinny… wonder why.

              Jomo, excellent compilation. I soo loved her sabyasachi looks.

  8. Jomoooool, happy new year! How are you? Beautiful compilation, I like her but I think she looks a bit funny with her lip job – m guessing she got one done because she looked pretty horrible in JTHJ (or was it the horribleness of the movie that made everything seem horrible?)
    That first saree is so beautiful!

  9. I LOVE Anushka Sharma, and yes she has an envable figure, but somehow I think she’s just too skinny to carry off a saree. You need curves to look good in a saree.

  10. jomol di you have so set me on a jealous fire now! this lady looks so fab in saree and all her sarees are super gorgeous! the velvet one is to die for! wish i have this kind of height and figure at least in the next birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hey jomol finally a post from u……..loved d sarees tot georgeous…… i agree wid all she needs 2 eat somethin she looks tooo thin

  12. happy new year 2 every1 here… i m a regular reader of this blog & a fan as well .. me 2 like anushka sharma a lot.. agreed with u all..she’s luking pretty in every saree except d masaba 1.. .. n i’ve dat sea green color saree also! 🙂

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