Apollo Pharmacy B+ve Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask

Apollo Pharmacy B+ve Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask

Apollo Pharmacy B+ve Antioxidant Peel Off Mask

Home Facial with Lemon and Grape Extract

Made with natural botanical extracts, B+ve peel-of purifying mask gently peels away impurities and deep skin cells giving smooth, firm and healthy looking appearance. It is an instant home facial with grape cleanse and tightens the skin. Restores the natural freshness and gives instant glow.

antioxidant peel off mask

Key Ingredients:

Grape seed extracts high in silicon, a mineral essential for healthy, soft and supple skin.  Lemon extract is a natural purifier know for its toning, cleansing and purifying properties.  Vitamin A, C and E provides firmer, smoother and youthful looking skin. It reduces photo damage and improves skin texture.

Directions For Use:

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Apply evenly over cleansed face, avoid eye and mouth area. Leave it for 15-20 minutes or until dry. Gently peel-off the mask working from the bottom of the face to top of forehead then rinse off with water.  For best results, use once a week as part of regular care routine.

Apollo B+


Rs. 48 for net weight: 50g + 10 gm extra.

Shelf Life:

36 months.

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My Take on Apollo Pharmacy B+ve Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask:

On my recent visit to Apollo Pharmacy (to buy some medicine), my eye caught a brand named “B+ve.”  There was this whole plunk full of B+ve products comprising of cleansers, face wash, toners, lotions, scrubs, face packs and many more.  I am very possessive about my skin, especially face; I have normal skin with very rare complaints of pimples or marks. Therefore, I was in a bit of a dilemma about trying a new brand. The name “Apollo” attached to it did help to at least try one of these products. I was in search of a face pack, so one thing led to another and I finally bought this face pack, which I am reviewing.



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My Take on Apollo Pharmacy B+ve Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask:

I hate it.  I will never ever in my life think of using this mask again.  It sticks on my face so badly that when I tried to peel it off, the tiny hair on my face got badly hurt.  I have used many face packs, but this was the worst ever.  The peeling part was pathetic.  There was redness all over the face throughout the night.  Adding to my nightmare, I noticed pimples on my face the next morning and the pimples stayed for more than a month. I would like to give this face pack to my enemy. I will not even give it to my enemy, I will straight away throw it in trash. I cannot say whether the mentioned ingredients on the pack are even present in it or not because I did not feel the goodness of any.

Pros of Apollo Pharmacy B+ve Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask:

  • Ingredients mentioned are great, but I wish they were present in the pack too.

Cons of Apollo Pharmacy B+ve Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask:

  • It feels like Fevicol on the face.
  • Smell is terrible.
  • Though the tint is nice, but tint is the least someone looks for in a face pack.


0/5, can’t use it as glue also, waste of money.

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28 thoughts on “Apollo Pharmacy B+ve Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask

  1. this is so bad :idk: :hypnotized: ..hope your skin recovers soon sugi
    how can a good brand like apollo come up with such a disastrous product! :pissedoff: :hunterwali: to this!
    thank you for warning us! i recently saw these products at the apollo store nearby.. will stay miles away from them now!

  2. hey sweety….sorry about the horrendous experience and thanks for the review…I will never attempt to look at those…..try erytop gel to heal pimples, use rose water (dabur rose water) as toner this combination worked for me … I have combi sensitive acne prone skin … hope this makes it some better now … take care

  3. Thank you for warning us, Sugi. I’m sorry about your terrible experience. I hope that the mask didn’t do any permanent damage to your skin. :nababana:

  4. soni…………good review…..I have seen apollo B+ products at the apollo pharmacies….but never tried them….now i will never try them after your review :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  5. hey that is so sad..hope you recover very quickly. :teddy: :teddy: even i am surprised at the quality. i have their aloe vera gel and its pretty nice..but thanks so much for the review. will defy not pick up. if you are looking for a peel off mask, the Everyuth orange one is pretty decent.

  6. eeks…. :spank: this is d worst ever nightmare coming true…. :ghost2: :yuck: :yikes: :daayan: 😥 …take care sugi…n hope ur acne recovers soon…. :yahoo:

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