How To Apply Aloe Vera Gel on Your Face

Aloe vera gel has taken the beauty world by storm due to its natural healing and nourishing properties. It comes from a succulent plant that can grow in almost all areas of the world. Many people like to keep these as plants so that they can apply the gel on their skin or consume the aloe vera juice for its health benefits. In this post, we will learn about the different ways aloe vera gel can be applied on the face. To know more, keep reading.


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1. As a mask: We all know that aloe vera can heal damaged skin. It helps to treat acne marks and moisturizes the skin. It is a great ingredient that caters to all skin types. Using it simply as a mask helps to enhance the glow of our skin and add nourishment. Simply take the aloe vera gel and apply a thick layer over cleansed and toned skin. Leave for twenty minutes to allow the gel to absorb. Wash away any remaining residue with lukewarm water. The skin will be soft, plump and radiant.

2. For Acne and Acne Scars: Because of its healing properties, aloe vera gel can be beneficial for acne prone or acne ridden skin. It can be used as a spot treatment for scars or active acne. Before bed, apply a small amount of gel on the acne. Also, massage the gel onto acne scars. In the morning, the acne inflammation will reduce. Over time, acne scars also diminish.

3. For Calming Sensitive Skin: Aloe vera gel has long been used for treating irritated skin on the face. The irritation may have been caused by a variety of things such as allergies, but this simple remedy will help calm the skin in a matter of a few seconds. Simply apply the aloe vera gel over the red irritated skin. Prior to application, refrigerate the aloe vera gel so that the cold temperature enhances its soothing properties.

4. For Sun Burns: As we are currently facing a hot and humid climate, protection from the sun’s harmful rays are absolutely necessary. However, sometimes, it is impossible to avoid the effects of the sun, especially if we have been been exposed to sun rays for a prolonged duration. After exposure, to treat sun burns, aloe vera gel can be used effectively. Simply take some aloe vera gel and apply very gently to the burned skin. Do not rub, tug or massage the gel on the skin as this may further damage the burnt skin. Successive applications of cold aloe vera gel can be done to calm the burnt skin properly.

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5. Exfoliating Clogged Skin: Many facial scrubs nowadays in the market contain harsh or environmentally hazardous chemicals. Such products must be avoided and natural remedies such as aloe vera gel may be used. Simply apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel on cleansed and toned face. Allow it to dry completely. Then, massage the face with a wet washcloth or muslin cloth that will act as an exfoliant. The aloe ver gel will remove dead skin cells and at the same time moisturize the skin.

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