How To Apply Eye Shadow with Fingers: Tutorial

How To Apply Eye Shadow with Fingers: Tutorial

Hello Beauties,

How To Apply Eye Shadow with Fingers Tutorial

I am so obsessed with eye makeup nowadays that I keep trying my hands on different looks. While creating different eye makeup looks, one idea struck my mind. Can I still apply eye shadow without this brush? As a kid, I have seen a beautician who came to do makeup for my aunt on her wedding.  She did all the makeup with just her hands, no brushes were used. So, I tried my hands at applying full makeup with just hands and I was able to do it well. So today, I am telling you how to apply eyeshadow (smokey eye look) with just fingers without using brushes.  This trick will come really handy when you are travelling, when you have packed your favourite eyeshadow palette but forgot to keep the brushes. Let’s get started then:


1. Conceal the area around your eyes, to even tone the skin.

2. Apply primer on your eyelid and mix it with your ring finger.

3. Now, take a 2-3 inch long cello tape, dab the sticky side once/twice on your hand to reduce the glue. Now, stick it near your outer V of the eye as shown in picture. Dabbing of the tape makes sure it does not spoil your face makeup with its excess glue.

4. On your ring finger, take the medium color shadow, I am using taupe brown shadow and pat it all over your eyelid till the cello tape.  Blend any harsh line with the same finger.

5. After step 4, the final look should be as shown in picture 5.


6. On your pinkie finger, take the darker shadow, I am using a glittery black shadow here and apply in on the outer 1/4 of your eyelid. Start from the cello tape and work inward.

7. Repeat step 6 until you get your desired darkness, finally it should look like what is shown in picture 7.

8. Now, take a light shimmery highlighter color on your pinkie finger, I am using pearl shadow and apply it on the inner V of eye and blend it with the lid color with same finger.

9. On the pinkie finger, again take the color used all over the lid; in my case, the taupe brawn eye shadow and apply on lower lash line.

10. Again, take the dark shadow, in my case the black shadow on the pinkie finger and apply it on 1/4 of lower lash line.

11. Line your eyes with liquid or gel eyeliner. I winged it as I like it this way and the presence of cello tape provides some guideline too.

12. Apply kohl on waterline and tightline your upper lash line.

13. Now, remove the cello tape and voila, your finished look will look like this. Without using a single brush, you have achieved neat and sharp eye shadow line and a lovely smokey eye makeup.


14. With pinkie finger, soften any harsh lines. Curl your eyelashes and apply your favourite mascara. That’s all, this is the final look.


I hope you all liked it and will give it a try. I find using my fingers for applying eye shadow very easy and if you are thinking, when you forgot to pack brushes, then how you will get a cello tape; I feel you can get it in any household. I am sure your host or hotel must be having a cello tape with them, but finding eye shadow brushes, I don’t think so 😀


PS:  There is no need to clean fingers after each step, but use a tissue in case you wish to.

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69 thoughts on “How To Apply Eye Shadow with Fingers: Tutorial

  1. am not pretty sure about the tape on my face 🙁
    but u have done a nice job 🙂 i will try this when i find a substitute to the tape 🙂

    1. i think i know what your concern is…. just stick-and-remove the tape on the back of your hand 4-5 times… it will reduce the adhesiveness of the tape… when it is barely sticking to the skin, you can put it around the eyes…
      no pulling, tugging, stretching… 😀 😀 and no crows feet because of the tape 😀

      1. ooohh 🙂 actually i am new to this makeup world na :p so i am like a curious child here :p always apprehensive about new things

  2. This is soooooo awesome! Even i use fingers to blend properly, i guess the warmth of the fingers helps in spreading the eyeshadow…. 🙂

  3. Perfect Sweta! And I know many who use the tape trick for the getting the perfect winged eyeliner look too 🙂 This post will help beginners.
    Lovely EOTD:)

  4. very nice tutorial.:) I always apply the base color on the lids with my fingers. it actually gives more pigmentation and then can be blended with a fluffy brush.

  5. its good sweta. it wud be better if we get brush vs finger pic together for comparison… i hope i am not too demanding here…:P

    1. sounds good Neha… I will try to do my next eye makeup tut with hand an brush both to give an idea for you all… meanwhile try your hands on this you will see the difference 😀

  6. Lovely tute & so well explained….loved your EOTD. Am curious about the Faces Primer that you have used. Can you give me details plaese

    1. Thanks Monika… 🙂
      and about the faces primer, it have got this one in my faces smokey eye kit
      So i don’t know its price alone, I feel you can get it in faces counter.
      this primer has very pearly finish which i like a lot 🙂

  7. wow…. i have never seen any eye shadow better blended than this…and no harsh lines…absolutely beautiful and u have really beautiful eyes swetha

  8. Awesome tutorial Sweta…. never heard of something like this.. but the cello tape thing makes it look so easy and neat… btw you have b’ful eyes… 😀

  9. Wow.. Am still novice in make up world. never seen such tricky way of applying eye shadow. Thank god we dnt have to tink of sponge or brush… I Will definitely try it out, yayyyyyyyyyy

  10. U’v got beautiful eyes… nd this thing works on ur eyes… iv got pretty much small eyes… can u suggest sumthing for making eyes more prominent? to top it iv got dark circles..

    1. To make small eyes appear big… Always curl your lashes and wear mascara as it gives feel of wide open eyes…
      And for dark circles use some good under eye cream, many of than are reviewd on IMBB…
      Hope that helps debleena 🙂

  11. wow sweta ..thanks a ton for the tutorial……….needed it much for attending the functions as i alwys forget the brushes…

  12. hello Swetha thanks for giving a Gud idea for applying of eyes shades with d help of fingertips it’s really grt helpful

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