How to Apply Foundation on Dry Skin

apply foundation on dry skin

How to Apply Foundation on Dry Skin

Ever put a full face of makeup on, just to realize that your skin is flaking off and peeling? There’s nothing worse than makeup that won’t stay on, or that flakes and sheds. Yet, there’s not a whole lot you can do about the basic dry texture of your skin.

But don’t give up on wearing makeup just yet! I myself have dry skin. Here are some useful tips that well help you achieve a clean and dewy look, despite your dry skin.

It’s a three step process : Exfoliate, Moisturise, Foundation.

Step 1 : Exfoliation is the key. It helps a lot in winter. Sugar and honey scrub is the best as honey moisturises at the same time. Store brought product is also fine.

Step 2 : Apply a generous amount of oil free moisturizer to your face and neck. Make sure you generously apply it in the areas were your skin is most dry.

It is very important that you leave the moisturizer on your skin for 15 minutes before you do anything else. If you apply your foundation directly on top of the moisturizer without giving it time you soak into your skin, the makeup will simply swipe away and replace the lotion.

Step 3 : Now you’re ready to apply your foundation. Pour some onto the back of your hand and, using your fingers, begin to apply it to your face. Using your fingers will help warm up the foundation, and will prevent cracks, lines, and flakes. Don’t hesitate to apply thin coat of moisturiser if necessary.dry skin

Some Tips to Apply Foundation on Dry Skin

1. Sleep on satin or silk pillows. Cotton sucks the moisture right out of your skin.
2. During winters if your moisturiser needs an extra boost try mixing a small amount of jojoba oil.
3. While choosing foundation prefer oil-based foundation to avoid heavy moisturising. Apply thin layer of moisturiser for oil-based foundation.
4. If you don’t like oily look on your face then go for water-based foundation but apply heavy duty moisturiser to lock in moisture for a long time.

Hope all dry skinned beauties find it helpful. Stay beautiful and be fearless ladies.

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10 thoughts on “How to Apply Foundation on Dry Skin

    1. *thankyou* *happydance*

      Directly pouring it on the brush or fingers will give sloppy results, so it is suggested to pour it on back of your hand to warm it up by dabbing it in circular motion. 🙂

  1. very good post anuja. I’d keep in mind to exfoliate every time. Sometimes i get lazy but guess would make it a point from now onwards. 🙂

  2. exfoliation helps alot but can u suggest a good moisturiser that is oil free but works good on dry/ combo skin? my skin bcms flaky especially wen i apply m’belline bb stick

    1. Yes sure 🙂 Neutrogena’s oil free moisturiser is pretty good.
      Lotus Herbals SheaMoist 24 hour moisturizer is best for dry/combo skin but it isn’t oil free 🙂

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