How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Properly

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

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When it comes to eyeliner, I personally have always preferred using eye pencil or those rotator type eyepencils – I find it very easy to trace over my upper lash line with these and don’t have to worry about waiting for it to dry, especially when in a hurry to get to work. However, I recently read a few things about liquid eyeliner which I want to share with you guys – it’s not as difficult to use it as it seems!

1. Prime factor: I did not know this, but just like we prime eyelids before using eyeshadow, we can do the same for eyeliner too! It helps a lot in making it stay on and keeping it smudge-free. It also creates a good base for the colour to sink in.
2. Eyeshadow first: For smokey eyes, liquid liner also looks good and can be used to create a dramatic effect. If you’re going to use a nude or neutral sparkly eyeshadow, use it before you use the liquid eyeliner. It sets better that way.

3. Retro wings: Winged eyeliner is hot this year due to the whole retro/vintage revival. Make sure you apply it in one fluid move, for an easy winged eye. Pull the ends of the line you make outwards for a cat eye or winged eyeliner look. Think Deepika Padukone in Om Shanti Om – the thicker the better!

4. Day vs night: People tend to think liquid eyeliner is better suited for a night out than for office. But trust me, if you keep the rest of your makeup simple with a nude or neutral coloured lipstick, barely there blush and a dewy complexion, liquid eyeliner with a thin line can bring out your features naturally.
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18 thoughts on “How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Properly

  1. Nice post – I tend to double up concealer as a primer – I should get a proper one i suppose. 😛 Graphic lining (bold geometric lines ) is back though , in a big way – even cleopatra -like eye -lining has also become trendy- very dramatic though but makes one stand out. 😀

  2. Most of the days its a miss than a hit when I try to use a liquid eyeliner these days.. But of course my dahling toddler will be hanging onto my legs when I am doing my makeup 😀

  3. I think applying liner is the most difficult part for me ..most of the time I have to redo my make up as my eye liner doesn’t turn up well…these tips r sure handy I just hope I get this technique soon

    1. I agree! I never get it right on the upper lash with a pencil liner. My mom bought me a liquid eyeliner when I was in school and I guess I’ve had a lot of practice with it since then 🙂

  4. Practice does make perfect for sure. I am of the belief that if you know your eyelids type, then half the battle is won. if your eyelids are oily, then pencil format tends to smudge easily so a gel eyeliner work best and priming your eyelids with concealer + powder is most important.. if you are using a liquid eyelliner, invest in a good one and do all the things Nandini has mentioned in this post.

  5. I’ve just recently mastered the art of applying liquid eyeliner and it took me some time!
    What I did was.. Get the colorbar liquid eyeliner. That brush is the easiest to use.. And practice loads! I remember the countless times I used to stand in front of the mirror and practice! … And yeah, keep your eyes open while applying liner. It’s easier 🙂

  6. I’ve also been using a liquid eyeliner since college … So I can apply it perfectly 🙂 … In fact one weird thing with me is I apply liner on the right eye with my right hand and on my left eye with my left hand 😀 … Can’t put liner on my left eye with my right hand 🙂

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