How Do You Apply Mascara without Getting on Eyelids?

Mascara is a magical makeup thing – with one swipe of the wand, you can get thick, luscious, and beautiful lashes. Mascaras can lengthen, curl, and thickness to your lashes – all at the same time. You can bat those beautiful lashes with aplomb – the only hitch here is not to get the mascara on to your eyelids, otherwise, it can make your makeup look messy and clumsy. So, how do you Apply Mascara without Getting on Eyelids? We will share with you some awesome tips in this post. Well, we are here to help you with how to deal and master the art of perfectly applying mascara without getting it on to your eyelids:

How to Apply Mascara Without Getting On Eyelids

1. Blot your eyelids prior to makeup: If you feel your eye makeup smudges everywhere, then you might have oily eyelids. To avoid mascara and eyeliner from creating a mess, keeps your lids oil free by blotting the eyelid area with a tissue paper and then apply an eyeshadow primer on the lids to mattify.

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2. Mascara Primer: A mascara primer helps to strengthen your lashes and also separate them. It would also prevent clumping of lashes and give you a neat look when you are applying mascara.

3. Wipe off excess product from the band: Wipe off any excess product that collects on the makeup applicator and only then apply on your lashes. Any excess product would lead to smudging and the excess will transfer on to your eyelids.

4. Separator: Use a separator between your lid and the eyelashes. This will ensure that you get a neat look and also any clumping can be avoided this way.

5. Scotch Tape Trick: Take a small piece of scotch tape and keep it over your eyelid, close to the base of your eyelashes and now apply mascara as usual. The idea is that the scotch tape would make it easy to apply mascara from the root of the lashes to the tip and the Scotch tape would prevent the mascara from sticking all over your eyelids if you blink your eyes accidentally.

6. Look downwards: The key here is that if you are looking downwards and then applying, there is a greater chance that excess mascara will go upwards on your lids. So, always look downwards and then apply the mascara. This will ensure that the mascara is applied at the right places.

7. Neat application: It is very important to apply your mascara neatly. This will only ensure that your mascara is at the right place and it is not smudging or moving here and there. Use the mascara with correct brush and correct mascara liquid.

8. Don’t leave the mascara open: You should not leave the mascara bottle open for a long time. This will allow too much of oxygen and air to enter into the bottle and will change the consistency of the product.

9. Coat your bottom lashes before top lashes: You need to do your bottom lashes first and then proceed towards your top lashes. Else the look will be quite messy and untidy.

10. Expired Mascara: Toss your mascara after 3 months from opening. Mascara changes consistency when it expires and the application of mascara will be messy.

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