How to Apply Skincare Products in Correct Order

How to Apply Skincare Products in Correct Order

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Today I am writing about skincare and how to apply skincare products in correct order. I had a lot of difficulty when I was starting my skincare routine, as I did not know what product to apply & when? When you are starting out skincare regime it is important to understand the procedure as it really helps in making skin better. So, without any further delay let’s get into it.
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Skin Care and its importance
In today’s day and age, pollution, climate change, stress and bad eating habits are taking a toll on our skin. Due to very hectic life we tend to ignore our skincare routine but we forget how important it is. These days we need to be more proactive, due to all the changes happening around us. Whatever we eat, the way we think and the environment we live in is directly showing up on our faces. Thus, skincare is a must! A basic skincare has 4 steps: Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing & sunscreen.

Skin type:
Next is the skin type. Depending upon your skin type, you can choose the skincare products. There are basically 5 skin types.

Oily, Normal/Combination (dry or oily), dry, acne prone/sensitive, sun damaged

Why in an order?
Skincare has a particular order that we should follow. All skincare products have their own importance and if applied correctly and in the required order deliver the best for your skin. So, here are skincare steps and the order in which we should follow.
face wash
Face wash
Facial cleanser is a great way to start your skincare regime. It cleanses all the oil or any residue left of the products used at night. It unclogs pores and helps in control of acne.
There are different types of facial cleansers in the market each suited for a different skin type. People with dry, sensitive skin type should opt for a gentle cleanser. Cleansers with Active Ingredients are ideal for Oily Skin type. People with Acne prone skin should try hands on cleansers with Salicylic Acid (It is drying so follow it up with a nice moisturizer.) Bar cleansers are not ideal as they rip off the PH balance of the skin. It also clogs pores that lead to formation of acne.
After washing face when the pores are open and unclogged we need something to shrink the pores. That is when toner comes into picture. Toners can be applied using a cotton pad or as a spray. There are mild toners available with 0% or little alcohol suitable for dry and sensitive skin type. Like rosewater. Toners with upto 20% alcohol are suitable for normal and combination skin types. The toners with high level of alcohol like (20% to 60%) are suitable for problematic skin types or acne prone. But do not use it too much as it can dry your skin to a level where skin starts producing oil itself to save the skin’s moisture level.
Serum/ Treatments:
These days we have so many types of face serums for different problems or treatments like for dark spots etc. So, whichever serum or Treatment you choose as per your problem, always make sure it is applied after toning and before moisturizer. Choice of the serum or treatment should be based on age and skin type and of course keeping in mind the problem for the treatment.
eye cream
Eye cream:
Okay, now eye creams should be applied before your moisturizer. As moisturizers are thick made for the face, and can get under the eyes or on lids, making it difficult for the eye creams to sink in properly. So apply your favorite eye cream before moisturizer,

I would recommend eye creams that are hydrating and thick so that they do not irritate your eyes by travelling into your eyes. Also, make sure you apply eye creams as they are required not too much as they can clog pores under eyes too. Use your ring finger to apply them.
Day / Night Moisturizers:
After you have applied serum, now we have to seal the treatments, so that they can work effectively. Now we have several moisturizers in the market for wrinkles to dark spots, dry to oily skin type and from day to night moisturizers.

Oily skin type should choose moisturizers that are water based. Dry skin types can use thick and rich moisturizers. Acne prone skin type people should use a moisturizer even if they have acne. Use a moisturizer that is water based and non comedogenic. A moisturizer is a must as it seals the moisture of the skin. Night moisturizers are same as day moisturizers but they can be little thick and rich. Most of the moisturizers can be used both day and night but if the formulation is specifically for night, then we should use it at night only. Mostly day moisturizers come with SPF.
how to apply sunscreen
Ten years from now, when we look into the mirror and see a person 20 years older…phew so scary and I am sure none of us would want that. Sun damage is something that can make your skin horrible with dark spots, wrinkles etc. It is better to use a sunscreen with optimum protection, then to use makeup to hide the damage. Sunscreens can be used as a makeup base or over your favorite moisturizer. It should be applied 20 minutes prior to sun exposure.

Overall, I would say, we should follow at least 4 step skincare Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize/ sunscreen. Skincare is a hit and trial. This is the least we can do to save our skin from potential damage.

Hope you like it!

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  1. Thanks for this article Neha. 🙂 I was confused between the order of eye gel, moisturiser and sunscreen from a long time 😛

  2. Thank you so much for this article Neha……one question……if I use a face wash….can I skip the cleanser??

    1. However, at night when u want to remove makeup use a cleanser as it can remove makeup & dirt effectively & if u still feel the need of a face wash, go ahead but in the morning just go for either a cleanser or a face wash as per you skin type 🙂

  3. nice article Neha.

    shall i wash my face with plain .cold water after applying toner.

    i mean should i wash my face with cold water in between toner and moisturiser.

  4. an eye opener..
    I have been following the blog from last 2 months and this my first comment.
    Indeed a very useful post.
    Applaud to the entire team for wonderful job.
    Clap.. Clap…claaaaaap..

  5. Hi Siri! Skincare routine should start with a face wash and no need to wash in between toner and moisturizer. Hope it helps! 🙂

  6. excellent article. i follow the same steps but never gave a thought to applying eye cream before the moisturizer. i guess i would start doing that now. thanks a ton. :))

  7. This is so helpful! Thanks Neha 🙂 I use Dove face wash, the Fabindia rose toner and the humble Nivea cream at the end. Haven’t tried any eye creams yet though, any recommendations ?

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