Aqueous Cream BP Review

Aqueous Cream BP Review

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Kingsley House Aqueous Cream BP

This review I am writing today is from my mother’s side. She has a skin condition which makes her skin dry and dark, patchy and red. It is some allergic reaction she got sometimes during her 30s from a hair dye. Since then, she has had really troubled skin and rashes and problems. This is nothing new to her as similar kind of allergy runs in my family. Both my masi’s suffer from it too. They all use this cream in their daily routine and this helps them a bit. This was recommended by a dermatologist in London to my eldest masi. She has been using it for over 10 years and my mother for over 5. I have used a bit of this too, but I will state my opinion about this cream in the cons section.

From Wikipedia:

Aqueous Cream BP is a light, paraffin-based emulsion which is officially registered in the British Pharmacopoeia and categorized by the British National Formulary as a non-proprietary emollient preparation.It is used as a topical, external medicine, emollient moisturiser and general-purpose substitute for toiletries such as soap, shower gel, shaving cream and lip salve.

The common ingredients are:

 Liquid paraffin.
 White soft paraffin.
 Purified water.
 Emulsifying wax containing sodium laurylsulphate.
 Cetostearyl alcohol.
 Chlorocresol.

It is commonly prescribed in the United Kingdom for conditions such as eczema, aquagenic pruritus or atopic dermatitis. Whilst undergoing radiotherapy, the patients are advised to use aqueous cream as part of a skin care regime to remedy the erythema, which is caused by such treatment.


Aqueous creams are safe for people of all ages and are easily absorbed into the skin. The cream does not contain alkali ingredients, so it is beneficial for those who are allergic to regular soaps and detergents. It can be used by pregnant and lactating women as well. Before using the cream, a person should consult with her physician if she is allergic to some of the ingredients.

Price: 4.95 pounds.

Frequency of Usage: Everyday as a moisturizer and face wash.


Pros of Aqueous Cream:
• Reading about aqueous cream online, it really has been a savior for some people with eczema, they have used it as a moisturizer, soap and for shaving as well.
• Pocket friendly. The tub you get for that price lasts well over 2 months used everyday.
• Very little quantity is needed as the cream is really thick.
• This would be great for dry skin.
• It is very thick moisturizer yet a little runny in consistency.
• As soon as you apply it on the skin, you would be relieved of the rashes and itch.

Cons of Aqueous Cream:
• Even though it has been prescribed by dermatologists in UK a lot, I still have a firm negative opinion about this cream.
• My mother and masi’s have been using it, but from what I read this cream contains detergent.
• I hate it. I applied it on my oily skin. It broke me out.
• I do not have sensitive skin, yet this broke me out and stung on my face.
• I felt my pores were clogged and this was soo so thick.
• The only way I have used aqueous cream well till date is as a shaving cream for my legs.
• Long term use of this cream has found to have aggravated the dry skin condition over time.

Final Verdict:
Stay off! If your derma prescribes this, get it changed.

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  1. FG kaha thi inne dino se???? me missed everyone!!!
    and BTW Era bhi kaha gayab???

    nice review though- meko laga patakha cream hogi… but it stung u… :spank: :spank:

  2. beeeeeee,me to missy.sub idhar hi hain.just have a slow very slow internet connection.lots of rain and internet problems.

    i sooo wana do the van der woodson look par time hi nahe mil raha and yes
    as for the cream works for some not for rest.this is highly recommended by dermas,but its like proactive if it works for you ,upto you to continue the use or not. :stars:

  3. Rauni…When I started reading the review, I was so excited that I wanted to ask you where to get this in India, but nahin….I don’t want this for my mom…….but if you find anything good for your mom, don’t forget to keep me posted :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  4. jomo i will keep u posted but u were supposed to tell me sumthing abt asthi manjal sumthng sumthng i forget what it was.the thing you said works great and is not available here in north.plz baato :toothygrin:

    1. Yes Kasturi manjal rauni…I am doing a post on that….its’s superb rauni…I think its your answer for stopping acne….if you are not lazy like me, your acne will clear up in no time :drunk: :drunk:

      1. haan am lazy only after you give me those bottle we cheersd with.THAT SHOULD MAKE ME LAZY AND!jaldddddddddddddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii post karo

  5. I have used this. Had picked up the tub for £2..
    I didnt like it though – neither the smell nor cream itself…The tub i picked up has an expiry date of Dec 2012, so its still lying around. And I occassionally use it for my feet.

  6. FG….after a long time 🙂 this is the first time i’m seeing something that can be used both as a moisturiser and cleanser…. 😐

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