Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review

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Whenever I used see someone apply fake eyelashes in makeup tutorials, I would wonder how could they achieve the look with just one attempt! Also, I felt, since I have hooded eyes, false lashes might make my eyes appear smaller. But, despite my apprehensions I went ahead and bought one to give it a shot. Let me tell you my fellow readers, all these fears I had were baseless. Read further to know about this product.

Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review

Product Description:
Ardell Natural Lashes are popular lashes because women love that they’re lightweight, reusable, easy-to-apply and give the desired, natural look of full, beautiful lashes.

Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review2


My Experience with Ardell Natural Eyelash 116:

Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review

Packaging: It comes stuck to a white plastic mould case which is set inside a clear plastic case which can be opened and locked again. Behind the white plastic, there is space for tiny adhesive glue.

Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review1

Color: Natural black color which blends well with natural lashes.

Shape: Like I mentioned earlier, I was scared that artificial lashes might make my hooded eyes appear smaller, hence I was looking for something that might give a lift to my sunken eyes. This lash has more length towards the end and once applied it gave a nice streamlined lift to my eyes and made me look awake. If one finds it too long for their shape, then they can cut of the edges but mostly that won’t be necessary.

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Ease of Application: The whole process was much easier than I had anticipated. Just took it out of case, applied a little glue and stuck it to my lash line and done! All those who have smaller eyes can snip off the ends, but otherwise it was a hassle free process. Once the glue dried, I applied a coat of mascara and I had voluminous, pretty lashes.

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Conclusion: This is a very good product for beginners like me and the best part is that it is reusable. So, all I had to do was remove it at the end of the day, clean of the glue and other grits and restore it in the case. It can be reused till it gets damaged beyond use. Also, Ardell has so many types of lashes to choose from that almost everyone can find one for their eye shape. There are also individual lashes to add extra volume, some with unique shape to add glamour and some with rhinestones to get freaky.

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Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review7

Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review6

Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review9

Pros of Ardell Natural Eyelash 116:

• Pretty lashes for hooded eyes.
• Super easy to wear and remove.
• Easy to clean and store.
• Can be reused.
• Comes with an adhesive glue.
• Blends well with natural lashes.
• Glue dries within seconds.
• Not very expensive.
• Easily available.
• Variety of lashes to choose from.

Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review5

Cons of Ardell Natural Eyelash 116:

• Can’t think of any!

Would I Repurchase Ardell Natural Eyelash 116?
Yes and would try out other shapes as well. Now that I find it super easy to use, I might go nuts buying different types and will wear them often too. I totally recommend it to all those who were skeptic of using false lashes till now because if one buys the right shape, they can add extra oomph to their lovely eyes.

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9 thoughts on “Ardell Natural Eyelash 116 Review

  1. These lashes looks so good on u Sakshi. Did the glue come wid d lashes or one has to purchase it seperately?

  2. The lashes look gorgeous and i love ur eye makeup! 😀
    Ps – i dont know if you already know this but dont apply mascara on ur fake lashes it ruins them. 🙂

    1. Apply mascara before falsies and if u use tweezers just try to squeeze both your real and fake lashes together. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt though 😛

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