Ardell Natural Lashes #117 Review

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Hope you all are doing great and are all set for Holi celebrations. I know it’s raining in most parts of the country, but I am feeling hot all the time. Be it my home, car or office I need AC all the time, I think my pregnancy hormones are making me feel this way. Anyways coming to today’s review, I will review one more false lash from Ardell for you all. This one is my second false lash from this brand and unlike the first one, with this one I wanted a little more dramatic look. So after going through the full collection of Ardell Natural lashes I had selected #117. How these lashes worked for me, read on to find out.



$4.99 (price might vary from store to store).


Ardell Fashion lashes #117 are handmade to exact specifications. These fabulous, natural style lashes are beautifully curved, perfect for that glamorous look.

These lashes are: Lightweight, reusable, safe and sterile, easy to apply and affordable!


My Experience with Ardell Natural Lashes #117:

When I first used this lash I did not like it as I felt it was too dramatic for my taste. When applied it looked a little small for my eyes. However, after trying it multiple times I found the right way to apply it and started liking it on me. This for sure is apt for night outs and parties, however girls who like a little drama everyday will love to wear it too. This lash comes with a transparent plastic band which I prefer as it is easy to use. These lashes are made of natural hair so they are very soft and have a beautiful curve to them, which looks very nice. It gives a wide open look to the eyes; it makes my eyes look bigger and also my lashes look longer.


You can use these lashes multiple of times, so make sure to use an oil free makeup remover with them; this increases the life of the lashes. Also, always keep them back in the case after every use; by doing so it makes sure that the shape of the lash are retained. It blends well with the natural eyelashes and so does not look artificial like some cheap plastic lashes. They are recommended for large eyes, but for smaller eyes it can also be used by cutting off the extra amount of lashes.


In totality these are great false lashes. I recommend this to all the girls who like a little drama in their eye makeup, or go to night outs and parties frequently. The beautiful curves of these lashes will surly enhance the beauty of your eyes. Being a multiple use lash at this price these are a must have in festivals and the wedding season. 🙂


Pros of Ardell Natural Lashes #117:

  • Makes my eyes look bigger and my lashes longer.
  • Looks beautiful for parties and night outs.
  • Beautiful curve.
  • Transparent band is easy to use.
  • Made of natural hair.
  • Can use them multiple times.
  • Very affordable.

Cons of Ardell Natural Lashes #117:

  • Limited availability in India.

IMBB Rating:


Would I be repurchase Ardell Natural Lashes 117?

I might once I am done with this one.

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