Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum Review

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I hope you all are doing well! I am not keeping well for the past few days due to migraine. At first, they said I had sinus issue, but later, claimed that it was migraine. I am super confused! Migraines do not get diagnosed through tests, so we do not have any option other than believing what the doctor says.  Anyway, coming to today’s pick, it is a hair-cum-skin care product from the brand “Argan Deluxe.” I haven’t been paying attention to my hair or my skin and have realized that it’s not a good thing.  So, I picked up a few luxurious goodies to pamper myself. Let’s see how this product worked for me.

Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum

Rs. 1800 for 3.38 fl. Oz

Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum

Product Description:
Essential fatty acids ensure the functions of repair and defense of the hair and skin. The composition of Argan, most stable unique oil, endows it with many benefits which are scientifically proved today. Argan oil presents an exceptional percentage of essential fatty acids, one of which is linoleic acid (omega 6, the most essential of all) ensuring the functions of repair and defense of the hair and skin. Vitamin E protects the cell membranes against lipid oxidization and thus slows down the process of hair and skin ageing.

How To Use:
Hair: Spread from the roots till the ends and leave for about an hour before shampooing. Dry and brittle hair recovers brilliance and suppleness.

Body: After taking a bath, warm the oil in your hands and massage your body with upward movements. Use this twice or thrice a week.

Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum

My Experience with Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum:

A good hair serum is always a must in my hair care routine. It just makes my hair look and feel softer, healthier and tangle free. The one I recently purchased is much more expensive than the other ones. Argan oil is known to be super beneficial for our hair, so the thought of investing once in this oil serum didn’t seem too much. If I have to describe the packaging of the product in just one word, it would be “luxurious.” A see-through brown color glass bottle with a golden cap and a sand color label with all the instructions is what Argan deluxe professional looks like. The bottle is pretty heavy plus made up of glass, so it’s not travel friendly.

Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum

The quantity is good enough and since we do not wash our hair daily, a single bottle may work for a year or so. It has a pump dispenser which gives the exact amount that we need. The serum is a bit thick and yellowish in color. The fragrance is just amazing. It smells like vanilla and amber with a sweet hint of perfume. It takes you to heaven by giving you the feeling of a professional hair spa treatment.

I normally use this product on my damp hair after taking a shower. It spreads evenly throughout the hair, smoothing them instantly. You can feel it as you touch your hair after application and hair just smells wonderful! After blow drying my hair, my hair looked and felt so much softer and shinier than before. My ends were pretty brittle and this product made it look healthy and even.

The hair serum added a subtle shine in my hair which indeed enhanced my hair color. Since my hair is pretty thin and limp, the only problem I faced was that it made them a bit greasy causing them to stick together. Apart from that, the serum worked great, but nothing extraordinary considering the amount I spent on this particular product.

Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum

According to me, a serum costing probably half or quarter than this will do a good job as well . The product is good in itself, but I won’t be investing in it the next time. For the body, it keeps the skin smooth and glowing. It does leave a greasy film behind. But I do not apply it on the body considering I have better lotions without spending a huge amount of money.

Pros of Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum:

  • Luxurious bottle which looks like something you would pick from a professional salon.
  • This serum has argan oil which has many benefits for skin and hair.
  • A small pump is required for one-time use, so a single bottle will go a long way (if you use it for only hair).
  • The fragrance is heavenly with vanilla and amber along with a sweet perfume note.
  • Makes hair instantly smooth and soft.
  • Makes hair ends look healthy.
  • Helps to detangle hair without causing breakage or tugging.
  • Hair looks shinier with enhanced hair color.
  • It makes the skin feel a lot smoother and glowing.

Cons of Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum:

  • Glass bottle which is heavy and not travel friendly.
  • The serum is too expensive.
  • It doesn’t do anything extraordinary considering its price.
  • Does not repair my hair contrary to the claims.

Would I Repurchase Argan Deluxe Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum?

Nope, I wouldn’t. I don’t think it is worth to splurge money on this product. A Matrix hair serum would do a similar job. Although it does have Argan oil, I would have to think a hundred times before buying this product again. It scores a few points above when compared to a normal serum, but I think I will settle with a Matrix or Herbal Essences serum.

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People who are looking for salon kind of luxury product, check out this one.  People who have already got their HG serums, do not shift to this one.

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