Arish Anti Dandruff Solution Review

Arish Anti-Dandruff Solution Review

Before I start reviewing this particular product, let me state that I have been suffering from seborrhea dermatitis, which can be referred to as an extreme case of dandruff. It has been almost two years now and I have tried out every possible thing to get rid of this condition. I have been to the dermatologist but the intensive treatment sessions for many months have not helped. I have tried out many a beauty product meant to cater to this particular condition, but in vain. I came across this product last year and I have been using it for about six months now.



About the product: Arish Anti-Dandruff Solution is an ‘ayurvedic proprietary medicine’ manufactured by Anupama Ayurvedic Drug Company. This GMP certified Kolkata-based Company was started by Ratnendu Bikash Tripathi, who is a professional aroma-therapist and Anupama Tripathi, his wife, to cater to a variety of hair-related problems. Arish is an esteemed brand promoted by Anupama Ayurvedic Drug Co. and this ‘100% natural PH balanced anti-dandruff solution’ is one of the most well-known products produced by this brand. It is meant for external application only.

List of Ingredients: The product contains oil of lemon, oil of lavender, oil of rosemary, natural flavoring agent and purified water.

arish ingredients
arish ingredients

Here is what I have been able to find out (in context of dandruff treatment) about each one of the ingredients present in Arish Anti-dandruff solution:
• Oil of lemon (C. Limonum)-It is known to be very effective in removing dandruff from head and also helps to impart strong and healthy hair.
• Oil of lavender (L. Officinalis)-It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents excess sebum from building up and thus, it is effective in treating dandruff and hair loss.
• Oil of rosemary (R.Officinalis)-It is widely known for its application in hair care treatments. It is efficient in stimulating hair follicles, hair roots and scalp to promote hair growth. It is helpful in curing dandruff and imparting healthy scalp conditions.

arish shampoo image
arish shampoo image

• Natural flavoring agent- It is meant to impart a nice smell to the beauty product naturally.
• Purified water- Impurities are removed from water and used as a base for many a reputed beauty product.

Direction for use: As stated on the bottle of this solution, it has to be used ‘with cotton twice daily or as required’. You have to shake the bottle wee before use. Basically, you need to invest in an Arish anti-dandruff shampoo and an Arish wooden comb. Hair needs to be shampooed everyday with the anti-dandruff shampoo. When it is almost dry, the anti-dandruff solution has to be dabbed on the scalp with the help of cotton. When the scalp is wet with this solution, you need to comb your hair and scalp thoroughly with the wooden comb. This needs to be done everyday till your scalp is free from dandruff.

shampoo swatch
shampoo swatch

Indication (as claimed by the solution)- To quote from what is written on the bottle, it ‘removes all types of dandruff, fungus from the scalp and makes the scalp clean; maintains PH balance of the scalp; is effective for sebum control’.

Price of Arish Anti-Dandruff Solution: The product costs Rs 155 for every 120ml bottle.

Shelf life: The product is suitable for use till three years from the date of manufacture.

What I like about Arish Anti-Dandruff Solution (pros):
• The solution is water based; it is non-sticky. It looks and feels just like water. I do not feel to have applied anything at all and I can go out of my house without people knowing that I am undergoing a dandruff treatment.
• I have an oily scalp and it gives a fresh feeling to the scalp and prevents excessive secretion of oil.
• It is a natural product and the list of ingredients is much in keeping with the claim it makes.
• It has a pleasant smell.
• It is affordable.
• It is sealed tightly when you buy it.
• Dandruff problem is less when used regularly for a few months. (Since I have a severe case of dandruff, it took quite a few months for results to be visible; I think someone with mild dandruff problems is going to benefit earlier.)
• It lasts for over a month even when used daily.

What I do not like about Arish Anti-Dandruff Solution (cons):
• The packaging could have been better.
• For best results, it needs to be purchased in combination with the Arish anti-dandruff shampoo and wooden comb. This can be a bit costly affair as the shampoo lasts for about fifteen days when used on a daily basis.

Would I recommend or buy the product again? Yes, of course. I have been using it for about six months and I have finished four bottles of this solution.

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17 thoughts on “Arish Anti Dandruff Solution Review

  1. I have had very bad dandruff as well :nababana: :nababana: ,when I went to my derm he told me he had never seen anyone with this bad dandruff :waaa: :waaa:
    But then he suggested me my HG shampoo for dandruff Danclear.
    all my dandruff was gone after 4 to 5 was like magic :woot: :woot: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Wow Manjira…is it??? Im ready to try out anyting and evrything! …i have an oily scalp and i have severe dandruff-seborrhea dermatitis as ive already told u…have been sufring for 2 long yrs…my beautiful tresses r gone tooo………wil give it a try..i have been to derm for 8 months…no results!

      1. Than Pooja and Bhumika…Ya..its a local brand in Kolkata….they have an option for online shopping in their website 😉

  2. i had brought Arish hair oil last year for its tall claims of hair regrowth .. absolute dud did nothing for my hair that too at a price of more than 400 🙁 i doubt their products now … happy with himalaya anti dandruff cream works for my occasional dandruff. 🙂
    btw nice review somreeta … & we share the same surname 🙂

    1. Hey Shreya! I know…dats the premium oil and it costs about Rs 630 i guess….i have used it too and even im not so happy with it :yikes: …but the dandruff solutn is good :woot: And yes…same pinch..we share the same initials too!! SM :highfive: :cheers:

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