Arnica Hair Oil Review

Arnica Hair Oil

Hi beautiful ladies, today I am going to review Arnica hair oil. My hair type is thin and brittle. Since a long time I had a lot of hair problems dandruff, hair fall and what not. I tried all types of massages, medications and hair oils like amla, almond hair oil, etc. But nothing seemed to work. So I stepped towards a homeopathic solution i.e. Arnica hair oil. Arnica hair oil was one of the recommendations that I was consistent with. It seemed to be favorable with time and with regular usage. I am using it since 4 months, twice-thrice a week and it actually controlled my hair fall. It comes in a transparent bottle with an orange colored flip cap. The best thing that I like about it was that it is completely non- sticky and light weight hair oil. It also promotes hair growth.
arnica hair oil
Name– Bioforce AG Arnica hair oil
Price– 100/-
Quantity– 200 ml
Shelf Life– 3 Years
Ingredients– arnica , jaborandi, calendula, mixed in equal proportions.
Direction For Use– Apply sufficient oil directly on scalp and massage gently.
Claims– Controls hair fall, increases hair growth and increases blood circulation.

My Take on Arnica Hair Oil

I apply this oil twice a week but I massage only once a week, as too much massage is also not good for your hair. We all know that our hair grows while sleeping so I use it as an overnight treatment. I apply this oil all over in my hair , scalp, hair ends and wear a plastic cap so that the oil does not stick on my pillow and keep it for midnight and wash it the other morning. I have to wash my hair twice to make sure that the oil is all washed off. For me there is no need to apply a conditioner as it make my hair very soft . I do not want to end up making my hair sticky so I skip conditioning my hair. Regular usage of this hair oil makes my hair moisturized very well and had reduced hair loss. But I have not noticed much result in hair growth. For dandruff, I use dove dandruff control shampoo, which works great for my hair.
arnica oil

PROs of Arnica Hair Oil

• It actually controls hair fall and promotes hair growth. While using this oil you need to be patient because it works slowly. If you use it regularly for about 2 months, you can see the results.
• Price is very reasonable and pocket friendly.
• Non- sticky. It is a completely clear as a liquid and non-sticky formula.
• It does not feel heavy on your hair.
• Enough quantity. One bottle goes a long way, for about 3 months if you apply it twice a week.

CONs of Arnica Hair Oil

• I personally did not like its smell. It has a very strong smell, many of you may not like it but because of its results it hardly matters to me how it smells.
• Not travel friendly.
• Running consistency. It has a very running consistency but it is more than compensated by its small opening.

I would recommend it to everyone because of its results and also because of the reason that this kind of nourishment is a must for every women’s hair. I hope this review was helpful to all the beautiful ladies out there.

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12 thoughts on “Arnica Hair Oil Review

  1. One of my aunt used to use arnica shampoo, didnt know they made oil too. Sounds pretty good but i like fragrance free oils. Glad it worked for you. 🙂

    our hair grows at night.. that’s a nice trivia to know. 😀

  2. Hey Jatinder.. Nice review.. 🙂
    Arnica hair-oils and shampoos are a common local applications advised by homoeopaths for hair problems. I had given to my patients as well as used myself also and it indeed gives good result. Hair growth in itself depends on many other things like nutrition, stress levels, pollution, genetics etc. apart from formulations used, so results vary from person to person.

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