Aroma Blends for Hair Problems

Aroma Blends for Hair Problems


Hair is a prime thing these days everyone is concerned about, it may be hair fall or dandruff but aroma therapy works very well for these problems and we all know that.Today I am going to share with you various aroma blends for hair problems,so that you can prepare your own blend suitable for you.

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Aroma blend for dandruff:

Essential oils-
Tea tree oil-10 drops
Geranium oil-5 drops
Lavender oil-2 drops

Base oils-
Coconut oil -70ml
Sesame oil-30ml

Aroma blend for hair fall prevention:

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Essential oils-
Lavender oil-2 drops
Indian bay oil-5 drops
Geranium oil-5 drops
Basil oil-5 drops
Rosemary oil-5 drops
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Base oil-
Coconut oil-80ml
Almond oil-20ml

Aroma blend for hair growth:

Essential oils-
Lavender oil-2 drops
Geranium oil-4 drops
Cedar wood oil-5 drops
Peppermint oil-2 drops
Thyme oil-2drops
Rosemary oil-5 drops

Base oil-
Coconut oil-80ml
Jojoba oil-20 ml


Mix all essential and base oils well and store it in a dry bottle away from direct sunlight.

How to use-take required amount of oil into a bowl warm it slightly and massage it over your can also cover your scalp with a hot towel for better absorption. You can leave it overnight or have a shower after an hour using some mild shampoo.
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Effects of the oils used:

  • Lavender oil-suitable for all hair types, treats itchiness and dandruff, soothes scalp and calms hair and also promotes hair growth.
  • Peppermint oil-suitable for dry hair,promotes hair growth by stimulating circulation.
  • Rosemary oil-clears dandruff and promotes hair growth.
  • Tea tree oil-treats dry scalp dandruff and lice .
  • Thyme oil-antiseptic,stimulates blood flow an prevents hair loss.
  • Geranium oil–restores balance in dry rough hair and also suitable for oily hair type.
  • German chamomile oil–it has anti inflammatory properties and soothes the scalp.
  • Basil oil-suitable for oily hair,promotes growth by circulation.
  • Cedar wood oil-normalizes dry and oily scalp,stimulates scalp and hair follicles,antiseptic and astringent.
  • Jasmine oil-relieves from headaches and de-stresses.
  • Indian bay oil-hair tonic, hair stimulant ,improves circulation.

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