Aroma Magic Almond Oil Review

Aroma Magic Almond Oil Review

By Shreya Paul

Hello Everyone!

I bought this oil about four months ago, just before the wind started getting chilly.  I had planned to buy grapeseed oil, but it wasn’t available.  I had bought this primarily to use in home-made face packs, but with time, it found its way into a lot of other uses.


Product Description:

A vegetable oil that has extensive usage and applications. Also used as carrier oil in aromatherapy massages. Is easily absorbed into the skin and serves as an emollient.  Helps to balance and restore body moisture. The oleic and linoleic fatty acids provide excellent skin nourishment and improve complexion and glow.  Provides relief from itching, inflammation and muscle pain.  Mix with wheatgerm oil for longer shelf life.

Scientific Name:

Prunus amygdalus vardulcus.


275 INR for 120 ml.

Almond Oil

My Experience with Aroma Magic Almond Oil:

The oil is colourless, light and runny.  It has a very faint smell of typical vegetableoil used in cooking, but its so faint that it can be ignored, still people with sensitive noses should smell it before buying! At first, I used it only in my face packs and body scrubs.  It is much better to use this almond oil in place of coconut or even olive oil.  It provides the right amount of moisturisation to the skin.  Then, as the weather became colder, I started using it as a body massage oil. When used before bath, the skin doesn’t look moisturized enough for the rest of the day, but when used after the bath, the skin remains supple and radiant for the rest of the day!

Almond Oil Bottle

Seeing the oil adapting to every use, I decided to try it on my hair, and bravo! The results were spectacular.  I have always used coconut or olive oil on my hair, both make my hair sticky and ugly.  For a few years, I had used Bajaj Almond Drops, but had stopped using it when I had read that mineral oil was bad for the skin. I had tried this almond oil on my hair with a few drops of rose oil, the smell of rose oil and the nourishment of almond oil provided a nice combo to my normally dull hair!

Owing to its claim, I had massaged it on my leg muscles after a very tired day to soothe the pain! Normally, I use Ranbaxy’s Volini. Unexpectedly, the oil did not do anything for my poor muscles and I had to massage the area with Volini all over again.  I have never had the guts to try this oil on any of my itching or inflammation and I haven’t ever used wheatgerm oil, so couldn’t see if the shelf life got lengthened.  Anyway, it has a shelf life of two years, and who wouldn’t use up just 120 ml of such an useful oil in two years? Mine is almost over!

Almond Oil Benefits

The packaging is white, opaque and boring, as with all Aroma Magic products (anyway, the new face washes have cute and colourful tubes).  One thing that really bugs me about the packaging is the cap.  It has hurt my finger and nails so many times!  After many such experiences, now I open the cap by pressing it against the edge of a cupboard or the wall.

Pros of Aroma Magic Almond Oil:

  • No artificial colour.
  • No artificial smell.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • When used in face packs, provides light moisturisation without greasiness.
  • Provides excellent nourishment to hair.

Cons of Aroma Magic Almond Oil:

  • Not effective in soothing muscle pain (as claimed).
  • Has a mild natural vegetable smell which is not pleasant.
  • The cap is made of cheap plastic, which hurts the finger/nails, while trying to open.
  • The bottle is opaque, so the amount left can’t be made out from outside.

Final Verdict:

Aroma Magic mostly delivers quality products and this was no exception.  It did not prove some of its claims, but overall it suits all my purposes!

IMBB Rating:

I would rate it 4/5.

Will I Repurchase Aroma Magic Almond Oil?

I may not buy this again, as I want to try other carrier oils like grapeseed and wheatgerm.  There are many other brands too which produce good quality almond oil (as heard from reviews on IMBB), which I haven’t yet tried!

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4 thoughts on “Aroma Magic Almond Oil Review

  1. sounds pretty good shreya. I love AM products in general but somehow for almond oil I believe in the hamdard badam rogan more.. I relate with this packaging.. used to have such a tough time opening and closing the bottle. 😛 guess they are slowly changing the packaging. These scary bottles need to go. 😛

    good review. 🙂

    1. omg!! ….this is the 1st time you have commented on any of my posts!:) had been waiting for it!
      After this gets over, I will buy hamdard one if I need almond oil.

  2. isnt it a pure almond oil?? you can try patanjali almond oil.. it is much cheaper than hamdard ones but the quality is the same..

  3. yes it is pure!!
    I had bought a shampoo from Patanjali, and it was sooooooo bad that I had to at last cut off my hair!! so i’m afraid to try anything from patanjali!!

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