Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack Review

Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack Review

I don’t give much thought before picking up an Aroma Magic product because most of them have worked for me.  This one – Derma Chill Pack is in a new packaging, and for oily skin, its been mentioned, so I ordered it.  Here’s the review.


Product Description:

A cooling pack that deeply soothes your skin, helps to eliminate facial lines and wrinkles ensuring suppleness and unrivaled smoothness. Excellent for oily skin.

Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack 3

Directions To Use:

Mix 50 gm with enough water to form a paste.  Clean face, place cotton over lips and eyes and cover face with a damp gauze.  Apply pack on the gauze, taking care to avoid the eyes and lips.  Remove mask after 20 minutes.

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Active Ingredients:

Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack 2


Rs. 240 for 200 mg.

My Take on Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack:

The packaging is new, a change from the typical white and red tubs that the AM face packs came in earlier.  The powdery face pack comes in a sealed packet inside a tub.  The powder is to be mixed with enough water to form a paste, but I should warn you that don’t even attempt to use it without a gauze underneath.  It cements and hardens up in a few minutes and removing it off the face would be a messy and time-consuming affair.  If you use it without gauze underneath, it becomes pasty, powdery, crumbly, and peels off like egg shells from the face.  When I used it on gauze, it felt so cool on the face because of the peppermint in it.

Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack 4

Within the powder, there are blue granules that mixes up well with water, I do not know what it is exactly.  Within 20 minutes, the mask hardens up and once I took off the gauze, my face felt matte and refreshed.  There’s nothing more that it does.  As mentioned, its best for normal and oily skin only, not suitable at all for dry skin.  I feel it would work better as a summer face pack because of the cooling effect.  This is not a must-have pack, it does not do anything extraordinary, does not add any glow, does not exfoliate or anything, just a cooling mask it is.

Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack 5

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack:

  • Imparts a cooling effect.
  • Gives a matte look.
  • Good face pack for summers.

Cons of Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack:

  • Cannot be used without a gauze underneath because once it hardens up, its difficult to take it off the face.
  • Does not do much, does not add glow.
  • Only for normal and oily skin, not for dry skin.

Would I Repurchase Aroma Magic Derma Chill Pack?

Maybe, during summers.

IMBB Rating:


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      1. I was also reading it chilli till the cons and was wondering why they named so *headbang*
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        1. Oh my gosh, I read it as ‘chilli’ too – that’s weird! 🙂 Jomol I like this new packaging – it looks much nicer 😛

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