Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil Review

Skin type: oily and sensitive

Hello ladies,

I love to use essential oils as they provide that ultimate relaxation to my body and mind. Today, I am talking about Aroma Magic ‘Lemon’ Essential Oil. Let’s jump into the review.

Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil Review

Price: INR 180 for 20 ml
Product Description:
⦁ Water Purifier, Antiseptic, Astringent.
⦁ Relieves insect Bites and Wounds, Eases Tension and Headaches

Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil Claims

My Experience with Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil:

Packaging: The essential oil comes in an attractive packaging. The bottle comes in a paper box with all the details and the actual oil comes in a cuboid dark brown glass bottle with a big wooden cap. The cap looks so pretty and it has that nice, luxurious effect. But the cap is a little difficult to close as it doesn’t fit properly. I applied a little pressure on the cap which made this glass bottle break a little. This is a little trouble with the packaging. Otherwise, the dispenser has the right size and dispenses the right amount of the oil.

Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil Packaging

Fragrance: Since this is a lemon essential oil, the fragrance is a little strong. Still, I would say, the fragrance isn’t artificial. The oil smells so natural, pure and strong that it refreshes me instantly. It calms my mind and makes me feel relaxed. The scent is so amazing that it uplifts my spirits and fills me with energy.

Lemon Essential Oil Review

Texture, Quality and Benefits: The lemon oil has a normal-thin texture that glides smoothly. This lightweight oil does not feel heavy or sticky on the skin. In fact, it gets absorbed quite quickly, making the skin feel fresh and smooth. But, since this is a lemon oil, it is really strong for the skin. It is so strong in nature that it can burn your skin. So, never apply this oil directly on your skin. I prefer to apply this oil with my face pack. I only need two drops of this oil and I am sorted. Always remember that excess amount of this oil will burn your skin and make your skin red. I also prefer to use this with my hair mask and oil. If you do like to steam your face, this one is a good oil. It revives the senses and takes away tiredness. It feels really soothing this way. You can mix this oil with some other carrier oil and then it won’t feel too strong, and will work well for the skin.

Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil Dispenser

Lemon oil can be used in many ways. I have been using this one for over 3-4 months now. It acts as an antiseptic and reduces those rashes easily. It is also a good oil if you have pimples. Lemon offers natural skin lightening properties and that’s why this oil, with continuous usage, removes dark spots and evens out the skin. It is also effective when you get those nasty headaches. I love to use this oil to purify my skin. I just add one drop of this oil to my rose water and use it as a toner for my skin. My skin looks glowy and fresh. It has brought a lot of changes as far as my skin is concerned.

Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil

Overall: I love this oil and its wonderful fragrance. This oil can instantly revive my senses and freshen me up. But, this is quite strong for the skin. Hence, be careful with how you are using this oil. I would highly recommend a patch test and never apply it on cracked skin or active acne.

Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil Swatch

Pros of Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil:

⦁ Attractive packaging.
⦁ Affordable.
⦁ Refreshing fragrance.
⦁ Smooth and non-sticky.
⦁ Dissolves with any product.
⦁ Rejuvenates the body.
⦁ Refreshes mind and uplifts my mood.
⦁ Proper and regular usage improves the skin.
⦁ Reduces rashes and lightens dark spots.
⦁ Makes skin look glowy and clean.
⦁ Many other uses and benefits.

Cons of Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil:

⦁ The Cap doesn’t fit properly.
⦁ Too strong for sensitive skin.
⦁ Direct or excess application can burn your skin.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Aroma Magic Lemon Essential Oil?
Yes to both. I like this oil and you too can go for this affordable oil.

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