Aroma Magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion Review

Aroma Magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion

Aroma Magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion Review

Product Description:
Aroma Magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion

  • The natural enzymes help to remove black & white heads, brown spots & sebum deposits.
  • An antidote for acne & oily skin. Mix with Aroma Magic Enzyme Peel Scrub for deep pore cleansing.

Aroma Magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion


Rs. 160 for 220 ml.

The lotion comes in an opaque, plastic bottle with a flip cap. It’s the standard packaging used by Aroma Magic for most of its products like the toner, oil, and shampoo.

Aroma Magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion

Now the term “Disencrustation Lotion” intrigued me a lot. I googled about it and found they are helpful in treating oily-acne prone skin. They are a part of high level galvanic treatments to repair the skin. Basically, Disenccrustation helps soften oil plugs (comedones) and make extractions (squeezing out blackheads) easier to minimize skin trauma. Should be used in conjunction with steaming.

This is just the very basic information about it for a layman’s understanding.

I ended up digging a lot of information about the subject and found the following:

A Desincrustation solution is an alkaline fluid that helps soften impactions in the follicle. When applied to the skin with steam, the solution can be used with galvanic current.

Galvanic Current :Desincrustation

Galvanic Current is an low level, continuous current that flows in one direction. It has a low voltage and medium amperage. This makes it a direct current with dual Polarity of a positive or negative charge. Galvanic Desincrustation is a process that Softens and emulsifies sebum and compactions in the follicle.  Desincrustation solutions have an alkaline pH and are negatively charged, so they need the active Galvanic electrode to be negatively charged. The client holds the positive electrode and the negative electrode operates as the working electrode.  The Desincrustation solution is applied to both the skin and the gauze, cotton or a Sponge over the active electrode and moved around the effected area. The alkaline solution attracts to the positive electrode in the client’s hand and the negative ions in the solution are repelled by the negative electrode, causing an alkaline reaction in The skin. This works on the theory that like poles repel and opposite poles attract.  The Desincrustation solution, combined with the action of the active negative electrode, results in the saponification of sebum.The alkali and sebum react to form Sodium Hydroxide;this process is a chemical reaction by which the fatty stearic & Acids in sebum react with the alkali to form soap.

Galvanic Desincrustation has the following effects and benefits:

• An alkaline reaction.
• Softens the tissues.
• Dilates follicles.
• Increases blood and lymph circulation
• Increases sensitivity.
• Softens compacted sebum and keratin within the follicle.
• Helps control oil production.

Phew!!! I guess this chemistry lesson was a bit too much for our timid minds to absorb 😛

I doubt this Aroma Magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion is “that discencrustation solution” used in high-level galvanic treatments. I guess here they have used in the context that this lotion goes down deep your pores, loosens them up and can be used for extracting blackheads and whiteheads and thus good for deep pore cleansing.

I had no clue about all this and I always used this solution just to dilute my face packs or as a base for DIY packs as mentioned on the label. As such, I never noticed any visible difference in my skin by using this instead of rose water/toners.

After going through all the information I found on the internet about disencrustation lotions, I found the right way of using it and extracting blackheads.

I use the following procedure on my nose, which is my worst blackhead-hit area on the face, every alternate day.

  • Steam the face.
  • Apply the disincrustation lotion to dry up the oil and loosen the debris.
  • Finally slide/ squeeze the blackheads out.
  • Once you are done, you MUST use a toner/witch hazel solution to shut the open pores.
  • If possible, also apply a clay pack.

I have been using this technique and I do see a slight reduction in blackheads on my nose.  I cannot comment whether it is all because of this Aroma Magic Lotion, the technique, or following the technique religiously over a period of time. I believe the blackhead cycle never ends. It’s just that if you keep working on them, their appearance may reduce, but they will never leave your skin forever.

I have also noticed that if you apply this solution before putting those blackhead extraction strips, the result is much better.

aroma magic

Pros of Aroma Magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion:

  • Loosens up the pores so that the oil and debris clogged in them can be cleaned.
  • When used over a period of time, can reduce blackheads/whiteheads.
  • Can be used as a base for face packs.
  • Has a pleasant little herbal-ish fragrance.
  • Suits sensitive skin.
  • Comes in a decent packaging.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Aroma Magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion:

  • No immediate result can be seen after using this.

IMBB Rating: 2.5 ON 5 :-* :-*

Info Source Regarding Disencrustation:  1.

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  6. I have never heard of this concept! Thanks for this article and review, Nupur!
    Although I don’t have any blackheads, so I’ve no use for it – it’s definitely on my list of recos, though :happydance:

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