Aroma Magic Revitalising Hair Oil Review

Aroma Magic Revitalising Hair Oil

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Today I am here to review a hair product from one of my most favourite brand Aroma Magic. It is an oil for hair growth and stimulation. I make sure to oil my hair atleast once in a week and I am always on a hunt for a good hair oil and then one day I saw this at a medical store and picked it up instantly as it was recommended for dry hair. My scalp has become really dry since winter and I have started to notice very little dandruff. Let us see whether it helped me with my problems or not

Price: INR 120 for 100 ml

Aroma Magic Revitalising HairOil

My experience with Aroma Magic Revitalising Hair Oil:

So this product, unlike some of other Aroma Magic products, has quite simple packing and comes in a white colored plastic bottle with red flip top. However the packing is very sturdy.

The oil has a nice consistency, not very thick like your coconut or castor oil. It is transparent and has very light green tint to it. The smell is of herbs and is very mild and for me this is the best part because I hate oils with overpowering smell and which irritates you till you have oil in your hair, I can’t even sleep with an awful smell of oil. But this one gets brownie points in that department. This oil contains the goodness of rosemary and thyme and we all the benefits of rosemary for hair-growth.

Aroma Magic RevitalisingHair Oil

I use this oil twice in a week. I microwave it for 1-2 mins and then add rosemary and lavender Eos (they are my staple) and then apply it on my scalp and hair ends. After that I do massage and finger point for 5-10 minutes and then steam my hair (sometimes I skip it too but steaming recommended after oiling for better penetration) and keep it overnight followed by shampooing next day. The oil comes off easily in 2-3 washes. After 5-6 usages I noticed the dandruff got reduced by 70%. Take note that I did not had a severe dandruff problem so it might not work so quickly on people with major conditions. The complete ingredients list is missing but I think the carrier/base oil being used here is coconut and that is why it has improved the texture of my hair upto some extent.

It is not very greasy and does not transfer to your face during sleeping. It feels light on scalp and relaxes the scalp upto an extent after massaging. Regarding the hairfall, oiling does improvise the hair fall to an extent and it can only get better with the regular use. I have been struggling with hairfall form the past 3 years and nothing rescued me from it, doctor said that it was happening due to hormonal changes. But then I followed the oiling regime and I must tell you that it did work and reduced my hair fall. This oil is also good and will reduce hair fall after continuous use.

Overall it is a nice hair oil and will work great for dry scalp. However the complete list of ingredients is missing, so I am afraid whether it contains mineral oil or not.

Aroma MagicRevitalising Hair Oil

Pros of Aroma Magic Revitalising Hair Oil:

• Does not have overpowering smell
• Has nice thin consistency
• Contains the goodness of rosemary and thyme
• Relaxes scalp after massaging
• Improves the texture of hair
• Easily available

Aroma Magic Revitalising Hair Oil

Cons of Aroma Magic Revitalising Hair Oil

• Complete ingredients list is not mentioned. So it might contain mineral oil
• May not be suitable for oily scalp

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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    1. Hi Rohini….I have a potable steamer….but earlier I used to use hot towel technique to steam my hair….steaming post oiling really helps with hair growth as oil penetrates well into the svalp..

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