Arsenal Women Eau De Parfum Natural Spray Review

Arsenal Women Eau De Parfum Natural Spray Review

I have always been a perfume person and my closet is filled with the some of the most exotic perfumes. As it goes “sometimes it’s all in the genes.”  I apparently have inherited my fetish for perfumes from my maternal grandfather and uncle who were avid collectors of perfumes. So, I thought it would be more appropriate for me to write about perfumes and help people around decide the right one for them.


One perfume that held my attention off late was the “Arsenal Women.”  I found it on my aunt’s dressing table, and being someone obsessed with perfumes I couldn’t resist but spray a little on myself to get a whiff of it. Well, it definitely did impress me enough to ask my cousin to pick it up for me from the US counters.

For perfumes, it’s always the packaging that grabs the attention.  Well, this one definitely scores bang on in packaging. It is a complete crowd or rather a woman pleaser. Arsenal for women is an eau de parfum which comes in a beautiful baby pink square box complete with a fuchsia pink ribbon (every girl’s dream, no wonder I nicked it from my aunt) in a 100 ml bottle. It is what I call pretty lady in pink.

I always have been fascinated by the quirky shapes the perfume bottles have and always had a habit of peeping into my uncle’s closet and enjoying staring at his collection of perfumes. This bottle though not quirky, looks equally pretty in a rotund flask shape with bow hanging from it and a vibrant-coloured perfume inside.  The perfume also has transparent beads inside which not only enhances the look of the bottle, but also facilitates better dispersion of the perfume.


Alcohol Denat, Parfum (fragrance), Benzyl Salicylate, Linalool, Coumarin, Benzyl Alcohol, Limonene, Geraniol, Aqua
[may contain:

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Fragrance and Composition:

When it comes to the fragrance, it is as girly as the bottle looks, it is very flowery and moderate which is the way I like it. Too strong a fragrance and it gets overpowering.


Top Notes:Freesia, Melon and lychee.
Middle Notes: Magnolia, Jasmine and Orange.
Base Notes: Caramel and Vanilla.

Women's Perfume

As someone who loves flowers, I enjoy the way the fragrance gently wafts after it is sprayed on with an end note of yummy vanilla lasting out. This is a typical day wear perfume and is the best buy for women of all ages as it is not a very strong one and gives out a fresh distinct smell. As the name says it all, it is definitely a resource for lovely smell.

Though the perfume lasts for 3 hours,it starts to fade away pretty soon contradictory to their claim of lasting more than 6 hours which is typical of an eau de parfum.

It is priced at 35$ which is approximately around Rs. 1900. It is a good buy for a reasonable rate.  I would like to sum up briefly about the pretty lady in pink.

Perfume for women

Pros of Arsenal Women Eau De Parfum Natural Spray:

  • Since it has a beautiful flowery smell, its best for morning wear for a fresh feel.
  • It’s a pretty packaging, makes it a great accessory on the dressing table.
  • Reasonably priced at Rs. 1900 for 100 ml.

Cons of Arsenal Women Eau De Parfum Natural Spray:

  • Doesn’t last long which is a big let-down for such a wonderful perfume, hence not much suitable for tropical climate.
  • Very few outlets in India that sell this perfume.

Finally a word of advice, if you are into outdoor activities for hours together, this is not the one for you. As for the rest, this is perfume you have been waiting for, to feel effervescent and fresh. Have a great day 🙂

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