Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box Review

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Today’s review is all about Art Deco Brow Brush for Duo Box. I’m a big fan of eyebrow powders. However, to apply it, you need a good eyebrow brush. There are not many small brushes available in the market. I like really small ones, and I found one from Artdeco. Here is the review of it. Read on to know more.

Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box Review Main

Price: 4€ around 300INR
Product Description:
Thanks to its small, fitted form the angled eyebrow brush fits perfectly into the Beauty Box Duo „My Brows“. The tapered tip made with firm synthetic fibers, perfectly accentuates your eyebrows and can even mimic fine hairs and contours.
Product details at a glance:
• Small eyebrow brush that fits into the Beauty Box Duo „My Brows“.
• Tip made from firm synthetic bristles.
• Tapered, angled brush. Defines, fills in and blends perfectly. Tip for finer, precise contours.

Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box Description

My Experience with Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box:

Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box Packaging

The Artdeco Brow Brush is small in size and comes in a plastic cover packaging. The packaging also has a paper with the description written all over it. I have saved the packaging as it’s perfect to carry during travel. The brush itself is very small and is very easy to lose. So, I always keep it in the packaging. The brush will fit into the Artdeco beauty box.

Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box Close up

The brush is similar to the size of a little finger and is very thin as well. The material of the handle is partially plastic and partially metal. The bristles are synthetic. I prefer synthetic ones to animal hair as its easy to maintain and does not cause allergy.

Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box Handle

The bristles are pretty thick but not very fine. It is an angular brush so, one can apply the eyebrow powder in short strokes.They do not feel so soft on the skin. Since they are thick, the bristles pick up a good amount of product. If you need more amount to fill your brows, this works well for the purpose. The brush is easy to hold and work with. It also glides well on the eyebrows and spreads the product evenly.

As mentioned earlier, it does not feel so soft on the brows. It could have been better. But, the filling does not need so many strokes and hence, its manageable for me. I would say, it does the job of filling the brows well. But, for people who need well-defined brows, this is not for that. You cannot draw thin lines or borders with this brush.

Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box Bristles

I have even washed it, and there was absolutely no shedding. It’s a pretty strong brush and not a delicate one. So, it can withstand rough handling. The only thing I hate is that a few bristles were a little longer than the others. It was not cut to precision when made. I am not sure if it’s just my brush or all others are made in a similar way. I get irritated when I see such tweaking bristles. So, I used a pair of scissors to cut the extra. Overall, it serves the purpose of filling brows well.

Pros of Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box:

  • Small, sturdy brush.
  • Reusable packaging.
  • Angled brush suitable for short strokes.
  • Synthetic bristles.

Cons of Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box:

  • Some bristles were little longer than others.
  • Bristles not so soft.
  • Overall quality is just average.

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Artdeco Brow Brush for Duo Box?
I would not repurchase unless I lose the one I have. I would recommend it for beginners or for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on eyebrow brushes.

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