Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review

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Today’s review is about Artdeco Medium Oval Brush. I have been using this Artdeco brush for applying blush. There is a big hype about such brushes in the recent months and, I always wanted to try one. Here is the review of the same.

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review5

Price: €20 or 1600 INR
Product Description:
Airbrush effect: The Medium Oval Brush veneer your complexion makeup overwhelmingly evenly. Also perfect for contouring. The extremely dense, very fine brush hairs made of durable synthetic material ensure optimum color absorption and release. Thanks to the velvety-soft flexibility of the fine hairs and the flexible, ergonomically shaped handle, the brush optimally adapts to the contours of the face. For an exceptionally even application and an ultra-smooth airbrush finish!
• Medium-sized brush with oval brush head
• Particularly suitable for uniform veneering and contouring
• Very dense, fine brush hair made of durable synthetic hair
• Optimal color recording and output

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review6

My Experience with Artdeco Medium Oval Brush:

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review4

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush comes packaged in a plastic packaging so, one can see the brush from outside before purchasing. The box bears the brand name and the product name. At the rear, you can find the product description from the manufacturer.

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Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review3

The brush is one of the three brushes in their collection. They have three sizes, and this is the mid-sized one. It is intended for applying blushes or contouring products. I have used it for blush application a few times. I have also used it for applying foundation when all my foundation brushes became dirty. The bristles are synthetic, which I prefer to animal hair. Animal hair can cause allergy and also difficult to maintain. The brush is cruelty-free.

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review1

The bristles feel super soft on the skin. I feel it more like a cushion or blender and not like a brush. The bristles are also extremely dense and fine. They do not feel prickly even under the eyes. Due to the dense hair, it spreads the blush effortlessly and provides more like an air-brushed finish.

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review2

I have washed it a few times mostly once a week with a mild shampoo. There has been absolutely no hair loss or change in shape, and the bristles haven’t opened up. The only problem is, it takes a long time to dry completely due to the dense hair.

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review

I keep it near the window so that it dries well and soon. The handle of the brush is completely black making it easy to maintain. The shape of the handle is ergonomically good. I find it very comfortable to work with, and I love the results too.

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review7

I have also noticed that the brush does not absorb more product, like a beauty blender. I prefer brushes to beauty blender. I feel the quality of these brushes is really amazing. I usually apply a powder blush or liquid blush with this brush.

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review8

In case of liquid blush, I apply a drop of the product on the brush directly and then, dab it on both my cheeks. I find it not so convenient to apply powder products with it as it picks up a lot of product and needs to be tapped before using it on the face.

Artdeco Medium Oval Brush Review9

Pros of Artdeco Medium Oval Brush:

  • Medium oval covers medium areas like under eyes or cheeks perfectly.
  • Can be used for applying foundation too, but will take a little longer to apply.
  • The handle is ergonomic and easy to use.
  • Dense soft bristles; provides flawless makeup.
  • Does not absorb excess product.
  • Synthetic fibres.
  • Doesn’t shed hair during or after washing..

Cons of Artdeco Medium Oval Brush:

  • Takes more time to dry due to dense hair.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Artdeco Medium Oval Brush?
I totally recommend this brush for contouring or liquid blush application as it provides a flawless finish. One can use it for applying foundation too.

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