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artificial nailsArtificial Nails

Call them fake nails, nail enhancements, fashion nails or nail extensions; they all refer to artificial nails. I call them dupe nails. Some of them may look real and natural whilst some may be identifiable. In this article let me take you through the advantages and disadvantages of artificial nails as well as I would give in some vital pinpoints of buying the right ones.

Let’s start with all the good things about artificial nails.

Pros of Artificial Nails

• Artificial nails come in varied colors; there are the simple ones too.
• Different shapes shades and textures are available. In short they are customized as per every woman’s needs. (Hence I have them)artificial nails
• Your short ugly nails can be hidden. 🙂 ( again a win win for me)
• They do not chip or break easily, like mine do. 🙂 They are sturdy and strong.
• Helps you in giving up the bad bad habit of nail biting.
• Durable and long lasting.
• You can save up all your nail paints. The polish lasts for a long on them. 🙂
• They lend you the impact and attention you are looking for.
• Can be easily customized with different nail arts and colors.

Cons of Artificial Nails

• Chemicals used in the making of the nails can cause reactions and allergies to your natural ones.
• Proper fixing and removal is very necessary, or else they are prone to damage your original and natural nails.
• Bacterial and fungal infections are very much possible with artificial nails.
• You have to be darn careful to maintain them. (I need to be careful and cautious with my natural ones too 🙁 )

artificial nailsI have seen a lot of my friends crib over buying and fixing artificial nails, simply because they find it extremely tacky to pick the right ones, since they can’t be swatched. 😛 😛

Here are some tips on picking the right artificial nails:
• Before shopping for dupe nails, get to know your own nails. As in the texture, color and shape.
• Ensure that your nails are healthy and are free from any allergies and nick-free. 😛
• Shape up your natural nails before fixing the artificial ones. Remember to keep your original nails long enough so that they proffer a support to the dupes.
• Decide the length of dupes you are opting for. The mini ones, the active ones (these are shorter than the normal nail length), standard or the long ones.
• First time users must opt for the mini nails. You can graduate slowly to the longer ones.
• The shape of your original and dupes must be the same, oval original ones may cause a problem whilst fixing the dupe square ones.
• The texture and type of the dupe nails is also very important. The market is full of different types of nails, which have a natural finish or a manicured finish, stenciled ones or the jeweled ones.
• Always read the information and directions given behind the pack, it’s for you not the manufacturers.
• The color of the dupe nails must be determined before hand. Choose the one closest to your original nails. Even if the nail colors don’t match you always have the nail paint for savior.
• The brand of artificial nails is important, not the price. High price doesn’t mean good quality. Do not compromise with your make up or make p accessories any day.
• Check the adhesive you are getting with the nails, most of the nails come with their own adhesives. If you have “oily” nails, the adhesive might not do its job,  buy a good adhesive for emergency.( Do not try this: but once I stuck my nails with fevi stick for an urgent reception).
• Do not polish your nails with nail paints regularly, its supposedly not good for the dupes.

This was some vital information or introduction to artificial nails, await few exciting posts to come up 🙂
Also, here’s a video on how to to apply artificial nails:

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36 thoughts on “Artificial Nails- 1

  1. I am not much a fan of artificial nails….find it unhygienic and unmanageable 😕
    I would rather have simple short well-manicured nails than fake ones…. :))

    1. yOU HAVE awesome nails Jinal, why wud u need them ?? 😛

      I love ur nails……these are for people like me.. who have soft nails :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:

  2. thanx Zeeba…so kind of you! :))
    you can try Sally Hansen’s hardener…..its really good for brittle and soft nails :victory: :))

  3. zeeba I have never tried artificial nails but I have always been very curious to try try them…you get them with these cute cute designs na..for someone like me who has no patience to do nail art myself I think these would be fab..I want to try them now :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Thankoo :-*

    1. yes.,,u get them wid varied ..shapes…sizes …colors and also designs…. all wat u want…. do try them rati.. 🙂 u wud luv’em :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. Zeba can we remove them after a single wear or wait untl it comes off?? i mean can i just use it for a few hours and take em off and whats he price of these

    1. Well, I have not bought one from dad got it from Dubai.and wonder they are plain..but…I guess you wil get them easily in any imported goods wala shop or beauty centers.. 🙂

    1. ahhh,,then I guess u must ask sumone to get it from abroad because I seriously haven’t shopped for any of the artificial nails from here…as in I ws disappointed for the first time I bought them.. 🙁

      1. I guess metros shall hve them….I mean pune mumbai n delhi main aaram se mil jayenge..I know this shop in front of SGS mall in get all good good products will get it there for sure. 😉

  5. i have like 3-4 boxes of artificial nails(with diff designs on them)…but I’ve not used them even once 😛
    i had tried my moms artificial nails and then bought mine…
    they look good but its too much work…and then i hate putting glue on my nails..i prefer my natural nails even if they arent that strong…

  6. WOW Zeeba…..I didn’t so much about artificial nails……I always cut my nails short and can’t seem to grow them …..but I love long nails all the same…..this is a good alternative for people like me…………I will get them Zeeba and it will look so wonderful….BTW, did you get it from Lulu…do you stay in Dubai kya???? :X-P: :X-P:

    1. yes,,Jomol they will look great.. 🙂

      No I don’t stay in dubai……my dad does……these ones are from dad’s qatar tour..i will b visiting dubai soon.. :joker: :joker: :joker: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

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