At Home Facial Mistakes you are Probably Making

Ciao lovely summer survivors!
How are you all? I am keenly waiting for my favorite rainy season. Let’s come back to today’s topic. Usually women prefer salons for having an appropriate facial and a healthy skin treatment but there are some women who like to do facial at home and our today’s post is for those women. Basically, in salons, our skin is properly cleansed and pampered and along with that we get better results after each sitting as it is executed by professionals. But when you do it at home, it rarely makes a difference. Most of the time, you don’t get desired results when you perform facial at home and this is due to some mistakes you are probably making during facial at home. In this post, I am going to share those mistakes, so that you can avoid them for a better skin care regime.

At Home Facial Mistakes you are Probably Making

• The unwashed commencement:

At Home Facial Mistakes you are Probably Making

All is well, when the end is well. So accordingly all is ruined if the beginning is so unwell. Do you wash your hands before you start cleansing? If you don’t wear makeup with dirty brushes, then how is doing facial with grungy hands fair? If you start with untidy hands, the dirt accumulated on your hands will stick to your face, leaving your face dull. So it is actually very essential to wash hands before you start cleaning your face.

• Incomplete makeup removal beforehand:

At Home Facial Mistakes you are Probably Making

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This is one of the most unnoticeable reasons responsible for facial treatment failure. You will have to remove that kohl and any base you are wearing on your skin. Before facial, your skin needs to be totally free from any cosmetic so that expulsion of dirt and dead skin cells and insertion of antioxidants can take place without any halt. Removing makeup around eyes is important otherwise it can create more mess for you.

• Picking products not according to your skin:

At Home Facial Mistakes you are Probably Making

This is the problem of some ladies who don’t check the ingredients list while shopping or choosing products online. Come on, how can you risk your skin girls? This happens especially when you pick facial kits for yourself. You must know what your skin exactly needs and according to that, you should make your beauty purchases.

• Use of hot water:
Using hot water during facial is a punishment for your own skin. In fact, hot water shouldn’t be used for either, your skin or your hair. Lukewarm water is the best option as it is effective in removing grunge from skin. Just stay away form hot water as it intensifies and unbalances the natural oil secretion in skin.

At Home Facial Mistakes you are Probably Making13

• The very common “over exfoliation”:

At Home Facial Mistakes you are Probably Making

There is nothing new about this one. Why do some women think that being rude to their own skin will lead to a healthy looking and glowing skin? Always use your fingers and fingertips to exfoliate properly and try not to use your palm while exfoliating.

• Merciless towel rubbing:
Rubbing your face with towel is harmful for skin. Remember that your facial skin is more gentle than skin of other body parts and you really need to be gentle towards it. The best way to use a towel on the face is to dab it on your face calmly. Always pat it whenever you are using towel on face.

• Avoiding face packs:

At Home Facial Mistakes you are Probably Making

Yeah it happens. In fact I used to do this mistake when I was new to skin care routines. With the passing time, I got to know the importance of face packs. And please girls, use a brush to apply the pack on your face and don’t use your fingers. Brush is important because it tends to give an even application all over your face and thus the pack dries easily without consuming long hours.

I hope, the next time you will definitely avoid these mistakes and this time you will achieve better results after doing facial at home.

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